Tuesday, September 13, 2005

not a moment too soon

Good news! We got the results of our radon test back. We don't have ANY radon in our humble little trailer. YAY! We do, however, have high levels of lead, carbon monoxide and mold. Eh. Can't win 'em all.

I was watching some of the flood recovery efforts today and they showed a boat going to some of the houses to see if there were any remaining residents and there in one back yard--if you can call it that because it was flood water high--was a black Lab. It was sniffing all over the parts of the concrete that wasn't submerged, and you just know that poor dog had to be starving. There are still some 50k dogs and cats that need to be rescued according to news sources. I had to turn the tv off, I felt so bad for that dog. I didn't get to see if they took him and that upset me even more, but they only had a small boat and there were three guys in it, so I'm assuming they had to leave the dog. I kept wishing they had at least brought along some dry dog food and water for these sorts of situations. People have a hard time comprehending what's happening i can only imagine how confused these animals are.

I'd like to slap the news anchors on MSNBC. I knew the minutes the lights went
out in L.A. MSNBC would be ALL OVER IT.
The one anchor chick was getting on my nerves big time, and this sort of situation embodies what I HATE about news programs: they try to make someout out of NOTHING.
Anytime anything happens and Lord knows it doesn't have to be anything important or especially interesting--say the President farts in public--just sit back and watch MSNBC make something out of nothing. They get the ANALysts going and the debating starts.
Idiot News Anchor: "Do you think the President MEANT to fart?"
Idiot ANALyst #1: "Oh, I think he had every intention of farting. It's a political strategy."
Idiot ANALyst #2: "Personally, I think this isn't the last we'll see or hear of the President of farting. As a matter of fact, I think there are weapons of mass farting. We must find them!"
Yeah, it's lovely.
The electricity had only just gone out for maybe twenty minutes when they started interviewing people about it. First they talked to one of the LAPD and asked him if they knew what was happening. He said that all he knew was there were blackouts in some parts of L.A. and surrounding areas. Then they asked him if he knew what had caused the blackout, after he just told them that he didn't. THEN they get a fireman on and ask him the same stupid question: do you know what caused the blackouts? Then they asked a question that gee I'll bet none of us knew the answer to---was this
blackout going to cause traffic gridlock if it continued? DUH.
Frankly I'm surprised they didn't utter the "T"* word, and then go on to quickly add that it WASN'T the "T" word, even though Los Angeles was specifically mentioned in the newest video which talked about upcoming strikes planned by terrorists. They probably did, but I didn't hear it.
Let me just say this about MSNBC and FOX news. I would LOVE to know what these two channels talk about on a slow news day because the INSTANT something happens--be it newsworthy or not--they're all over it to the exclusion of everything else.
Scott Peterson--ALL OVER IT.
Runaway Bride--ALL OVER IT.
(When it comes to making something out of nothing, MSNBC wins an award for their "coverage" of the Runaway Bride bullshit. Closely followed by FOX.)
Lights out in L.A.--ALL OVER IT.
Hell, once the lights went out in L.A., it was like the hurricane never happened on MSNBC. Thank God most of the electricity was restored within 2.5 hours. Because if not, MSNBC would have been all over the possible looting & rioting story. Even if there was no rioting or looting, they would have spend endless amounts of time telling you how there COULD have been rioting and looting. And how SCARY it would have been!!

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