Sunday, September 11, 2005

the more you talk the less i can take

Goddess' Cute Cop O'The Season Premier award goes to:
Officer Christopher Curtis from Las Vegas, Nevada. He was responding to a domestic violence situation where a young guy tried to climb into his ex-girlfriend's window. The young kid started bawling and going a little nutty because he wasn't handling the break up well, and Officer Curtis said,
"Do you have any idea how many breakups I've been through?"
Looking at him, I'm thinking "One too many, honey."

They had one segment from Pittsburgh, featuring Detective Mark Goob. DAMN!
Talk about somebody I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley..........................
Naturally my Dish had to go out in the middle of one segment.
Gee, guess which one?

Took Holly for a two mile walk Saturday night.
I'm sorry---the dog dragged us for two solid miles last night.
It's amazing how much strength she has!! But I can say with great
certainty that if she were human, she'd have high blood pressure and be
on a Xanax script. We have to take my car to drive to the trail where we walk,
so from the time I say the words "my car" and "walk," to the last quarter mile of the walk,
she is a total nut job.

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