Sunday, September 04, 2005

it's a typical situation in these typical times

Why did I waste my time naming her Holly?
Why didn't I just call her "Trouble on Four Legs"?

Sigh. South was pointing out my sad lack of knowledge concerning geography because I have no idea what a city built below sea level would look like. Hey, it's easy to picture something like that if you've SEEN it, but I've never been there. And for the record, I HAD A B AVERAGE IN SCHOOL!! Then he mentioned all the subjects he thinks I pretty much slept through, which of course, excluding English, was pretty much all of them in his estimation. But I told South, I don't have to worry about being a well rounded invididual anymore because I HAVE a man*.
*Setting the advancement of women back 20 years...*

I was just reading that the Jane Pauley show has been cancelled. Gee, i'm shedding big buckets o' tears here. I like Jane a lot, but from day one her show has been boring and predictible. Home decorating crap, fashions (*yawn*) and goody goody life changing stories. Where's da drama?! The excitement? The porn?? She had one show that I really liked. It featured young adults and they talked about how they got started in business. One was a brother and sister who teamed up to start a chocolate candy business. Another was a young woman who raised money to buy bullet proof vests for K-9 police dogs. The rest of the shows were totally unmemorable, IMHO.

One of my first bosses died two days ago and I was reading his obit. There are some people whose age is difficult to pinpoint and he was one of them. His looks never changed much throughout the years, but I would have BET MONEY that he was in his 60's when I worked with him 25 years ago. I was 19 when he hired me, and he seemed SO OLD to me. How old was he? He would have been 42 years old. Sigh.

Whoa. God really does answer prayers. Remember when Pat Robertson prayed there would be more openings on the Supreme Court? Judge Rehnquist died. If I were the other members of the Supreme Court, I'd be shittin' my pants right about now. Oh and btw, when South says, "while the other sites are asleep you are reading this here!" that's cuz he stays up till 6 a.m. then sleeps till noon.

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