Monday, September 12, 2005

i'm every woman

On a very sad note, FX has taken off it's afternoon episodes of
COPS and replaced them with....That 70's Show, to which I say EAT ME!!

Doris Kearns Goodwin was on one of the news channels yesterday morning--FOX, I think--and she was discussing the flood situation in N.O. The anchor chick said that the flood occurred on the 27th/28th time period, but a lot people in that area didn't get paid until the 31st, so they literally didn't have just $20 on hand to buy gas to fill up their cars to leave. Doris says, "A lot of Americans don't understand the concept of living paycheck to paycheck." Hello??? Perhaps SHE doesn't know , but I would be more than willing to bet my meager paycheck that the MAJORITY of Americans know EXACTLY what that feels like. 64% don't even earn a living wage, for Pete sake.

i was flipping channels Sunday afternoon and saw a snippet of an Elvis movie. Deep. Really deep. Anywho, Elvis and this chick are walking along and all of a sudden he just bursts into song. If you were dating someone like that, it wouldn't last very long. The embarrassment alone would do you in. Oddly enough, it was exactly like watching Whitless and Bobby Brown's reality show on the Bravo channel. And we all know how in touch with reality they are....

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