Sunday, September 04, 2005

i knew you when you were lonely

Everybody and their mother knows that porn director/actor Mike South's real name is Mike Strother. Ok, if you didn't, Mom, you know now. Anywho he told me to google his real name and up came the name of POLICE SERGEANT Mike Strother from the D.A.R.E. program. Drugs are bad, m'kay? But how funny is that? Evidently I stalked the WRONG Mike Strother! LOL...kidding. Just kidding. Hmm, this Mike Strother works for the Sulfur Police Department, but the only PD I could find with that name is from Louisiana.
In the same google search, I see Goran Visjnic--the sexy doctor from E.R.--played a character named Mike Strother. We won't talk about the other Mike Strother who is an interior designer and has an extensive Barbie Doll collection. But, apparently all Mike Strothers, real and fictional, are hotties.
Haven't found an ugly one yet. (I'll keep looking.)
Coincidently, I googled my name and discovered that one chick with the same name as myself was a psychopath and another lives alone in a house with 52 cats.

Got up super early this morning even though I'm not working because of the mutt. Somebody remind me again, why I didn't just have another baby? At least another offspring would be another tax deduction. This way I have another mouth to feed and nothing but chewed up furniture and rugs to show for it.

Whoa. God really does answer prayers. Remember when Pat Robertson prayed there would be more openings on the Supreme Court? Judge Rehnquist died. If I were the other members of the Supreme Court, I'd be shittin' my pants right about now.

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