Thursday, September 15, 2005

i got a bad desire pt deux

Had an interesting evening at the video store last night. I was torn between three exciting movies and couldn't make up my mind. They were: "Heffalumps Halloween," "Bob's (the Builder) Big Plan" and "Barney: The Land of Make Believe." What to do. What to do. Talk about tough choices. I finally decided on Heffalumps because it featured Pooh and I've seen many of his previous works. Pooh is consistently good and his supporting cast is always excellent. (Except for that damn Rabbit. He gets on my nerves big time.)
I nixed Barney because I knew the songs would drive me batty for weeks to come, and Bob, well, I felt it was too This Old House-ish.

I finally saw an episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Oooooooooo k then. Those guys are WAY TOO QUEER for me, especially the blonde one. He's way off the Gayosity Richter Scale.

This is just one example of how alert I am to everything happening around me. Last night I was in the computer room, which is in the front of the trailer, and I heard Holly start barking. She was in the backyard, and every so often gets on a barking jag, so I paid little attention. Hell, she'll bark at a tumbleweed if it rolls by. So she continued to bark, and I yell out the occasional, "Holly, knock it off!" Finally I got up and looked in the direction in which she was barking and there were three police cars on our road, right across from our driveway. I'm so damn busy looking for cops, I never see the ones right under my nose. One cop had a police dog and was walking up and down the street and another was using a flashlight to look through parts of the neighbor's yard. I have no clue as to what was going on, but poor Holly. It was her worst nightmare come true. When she sees those police dogs on COPS, she goes ballistic. I'm sure it will take Mr. G all of five minutes to ask the neighbor for the details the next time he sees him....which I'm sure will be tomorrow....if Mr. G has anything to say about it.

Who is Jani Lane? I saw him on Celeb Fit Club and it said he was a singer, but I didn't recognize him.

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