Tuesday, September 06, 2005

i dont want to fight i'm tired of being sorry

Spent a couple hours getting caught up on my COPS eps. I had at least four tapes, some full, some with only a couple eps on them.
I kept recording and putting them aside, waiting for
the day I could safely get my COPS fix.
One tape featured Pierce County Sheriff's Deputy John Jimenez. A guy had reportedly stolen a woman's car battery, and fled on foot. The officer said, "Ok, all we gotta look for is some fool carrying a heavy load running down the road."

Goddess' Cute Cops O'The Labor Day Weekend awards go to: Officer Paul Cervantes, of the Fresno Southwest Policing District, Fresno, Calif. See? I told ya the hot guys are in Fresno. And Sgt. Brian Witt of Pierce County, Washington.

Wendy said people tell her college years are "the best of your life." Strange. When I was in school they told me HIGH SCHOOL was the best four years of your life, and I KNOW that's a lie. My brother in law used to tell me all the time that "high school years are the best years of your life."
I don't know where he went to high school, but I HATED it. Personally, I think any years where you have the cash and time and the good health to do what you want are the best years of your life. You don't have the cash in high school OR college--unless you're a stripper--so those eight years definitely don't qualify, IMHO.
I don't get it when people like high school so much that they live for their reunions. I'm not paying to see people I went to school with when I can see them for free in the local trailerpark. As for the ones who are out of state, if I haven't kept in contact with them, again NOT PAYING as I obviously don't care.

I heart those lame DSL commercials where people say they got rid of dialup because of the noise. Give me a break. There's a lot of reasons to get right of dialup but a little noise when it connects isn't one of 'em.

Mr. G and I were going to go shopping this morning, but his car wouldn't start so he stayed home and waited for the tow truck while I went ahead and did the shopping. He had "car wax" on his list and I know he hates Turtle Wax--says it leaves the car "cloudy"--but I didn't know what other kind to get him. So I called him from car wax aisle and said, "I need to know what car wax you want. I'll wait here a few minutes until I hear from you." Generally that message is code for, "Screw it. You're not there and I'm picking up the first bottle of car wax I find and I. Am. Outta. Here."
He finally called me back.......as I was pulling in the driveway.
Me: "I bought a bottle of 'Black Magic Car Wax'."
Mr. G: "Is it a good brand?"
Me: "Honey, how would I know? I bought it because the bottle is red and shiny.
Their well spent advertising dollars lured me in." And that is really the reason I bought it. If you package a product in bright, neon colored packages, I will buy it. It can be a box of poop for all I care.
If the package is shiny, I'm in. If you add sparkles to the neon colored poop packages, I'll buy more than one.

Kathy Griffin is offering a night on the town with her and her gays as a way to raise money for the Hurricane Victims. The winner will be treated to a Kelly Clarkson concert along with Kathy and her gay friends. Then POSSIBLY you'll go backstage to meet Kelly. That probably means Kathy hasn't cleared it with Kelly yet, so she'll put it in her mass emails and on ebay to back Kelly into the corner, whereby she'll be forced to go along with Kathy, otherwise she'll come off looking like a stuck up ass. Anywho if this sounds like fun to you, you can
bid on the night with Kathy on ebay. Whoa. So far the bid is up to $1,825. If the winner isn't a gay guy, I'll be stunned.

Hmm, I'm thinking that Barbara Walters' honoring Jane Fonda might come as a bit of an upset to many of the Vietnam Vets. But what an strange honor. She will be among "100 Women of the Century." Um. What does that mean exactly? 100 Smart Women? 100 Wealthy Women? !00 Women Who are Too Whack To Buy Crack? (BTW, no word as to whether or not Whitney made the list.)
100 Women is vague and tells us nothing. I demand clarification!!

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