Tuesday, September 27, 2005

i decided quickly to disco down and check out the show

Goddess' Hot(t) Cop O'The Week Award goes to:
Sgt. Louie Burkhard of the Albuquerque, NMPD.

Damn it. The nitwit timekeeper "ACCIDENTALLY" added 52 seconds to the last quarter of the Steeler game on Sunday. Coincidence OR conspiracy?? Where's Beater when I need him? (Stuck in a friggin' time warp, that's where.) Ok I'll answer the q myself. Since the Steeler's lost and it was sooooo close, it's a conspiracy. If they would have won, it would undoubtedly have been a coinkydink.

I see Kathy Griffin has filed for divorce from her husband Matt Moline. I feel bad for them. Not the least bit surprised, but bad none the less. I always feel bad when a marriage ends,
because it always begins with such promise.
Anybody watching Life on the D List could see that, although they got along well, Kathy and Matt had two completely different value systems.
Kathy was all about the shallow material stuff with which to impress people--like the perfect house, the perfect hair, the perfect makeup and the perfect clothes. Matt was nothing like that.
He looked like he was bored to tears being her suitcase pimp.
Kathy really should have saved herself the trouble and just married a drama queen gay guy.
She's perfectly suited for one, and Lord knows they'd like the same things.
I think it takes a certain kind of Federline-ish type guy to just ride your wife's coat tails, and Matt didn't seem like that sort of guy at all. Oddly enough, I remember thinking when I read that Matt had immediately gone to Louisiana to help flood victims that it was amazing he and Kathy were still married because they had such life goals. He seemed to be about helping others and she seemed to be about Hollywood and little else.
But any way ya slice it, I like them and I wish them both well.

I saw a dude on tv talking before the Saints football game and he said, "The people of Louisana have gone through more in one month that anyone in the history of the world. "
Hmm, I'm guessing a few people known as THE JEWS might not agree.

I went to visit my uncle today and he said, "You never come to visit me now that I'm in an old folk's home."
I said, "No, now let's be fair. I never really came to visit you much BEFORE you moved into the old folk's home, so don't try to make me out to be the bad gal all of a sudden."

In the process of checking out my email yesterday morning, I logged onto Yahoo and saw this, "ABC, CBS Secretly Searching for Anchors." How much of a friggin' SECRET can it be if
it's one of the lead stories on Yahoo?

I didn't sit through much of the second episode of "How I Met Your Mother," and I probably won't watch it again. It was much too repetitive. And booooooring. I'm not wild about wimpy male characters who chase after women, and act sappy and stupid, all in the name of "love". The first day he met this chick, the guy told her that he loved her. That's not romantic so much as stalkerish. And I don't mean fun stalkerish, I mean creepy stalkerish. When I find myself I wanting to yell "Grow a pair!!" at the characters onscreen, I know it's not a show for me.

Wow. I saw something on COPS the other afternoon that I've never seen before. There was a male and female partnership and the female DROVE. Sure, the male cop kept grabbing the dashboard in a death grip, but he let her drive while the camera was on and that's all that matters.
Another interesting thing seen & heard on COPS--I heart it when the black guys
yell, "I shoulda kilt your black ass" to other black guys.

Oprah makes no secret of the fact that she's a big Tom Cruise fan, and vice versa, so I sensed a LOT of coolness on Oprah's part yesterday when Brooke Shields was defending herself against the pro antidepressants stand she took. And I sensed Brooke was choosing her words very carefully. I felt like Oprah hung her out to dry--you know that "The Queen is not pleased" LOOK Oprah gives--and although I wouldn't personally want to take antid's, Brooke had the right to do it without criticism from Tom Cruise. In her written retort, Brooke made some comment about Tom sticking to what he knew best--killing aliens (his movie War of the Worlds had just come out) and Oprah brought the comment up and tried to Brooke look like a nutjob. But the line was damn funny and very appropo if ya axe me.

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