Saturday, September 24, 2005

i am the one down on my knees

Hee Haw: "You're so ugly, you had to trick or treat over the phone."

Goddess' Hot(t) Cops O'The Week Award goes to two sexy cops from Las Vegas: Officer Patrick Burke of the Las Vegas Metro PD, South Central Area and Officer Christopher Curtis of the Las Vegas Metro PD, Northeast Area.
I liked Officer Burke's face and muscular butt and Officer Curtis' face (he's much better looking on TV, than in that pic, btw), muscular butt and "bedside" manner. I liked the way he dealt with the woman he stopped. Instead of just hauling her ass off to jail for drugs, Officer Curtis took the time to talk to her and he didn't talk down to her.
Here's something you might not know about Officer Curtis, he's the co-author of a book entitled "M.A.C.K. Tactics: Volume" , which is a complete course of self-improvement for the modern man.
What makes him qualified to write this book? He's a former hostage negotiator.
Hell, if that don't qualify him, nothing does.
The book covers it all, "from the fashion to the passion," taking readers on a step-by-step journey towards achieving their full masculine potential." This makes the whole "do you know how many break ups I've gone through?" line from last week rather comical now. Gee, if only somebody could give Officer Curtis a book on achieving his full masculine potential? Perhaps a book that includes advice on dating and "connecting with women on a deeper, more stimulating level"? Just a thought.

Gawd, I live in a hick town. On the front of the newspaper was the headline, "TV Star in Upcoming Stage Production!!" and I thought, "hmm, wonder who the star is?" They were referring to tv "star" John Davidson.
Yeah maybe he was a tv star when Love American Style was on. Oy.

Amber Frey, who was recently speaking to a group of women on how they can get over tragedy in their lives, has recently learned that the man she thought was the father of her child is not the father. Yes, this is indeed a woman who should be counseling other women on getting their lives together. What next? The Runaway Bride chick will become a wedding planner?

Professor Kenneth Matthews, professor of the Old Testament at an Alabama Divinity School points out a few flaws in the Bible, such as this one: supposedly vegetation was created on Day 3, while the sun, which is necesary for life, was created on Day 4. So what exactly is the great professor saying? That God goofed things up?! Well I sure as hell am not going to be the one to tap God on the shoulder and say, "Ha ha! Screwed it up, Big Guy! Next time You're creating a new world, lay off da booze!"

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