Monday, September 19, 2005

david duchovney why won't you love me

I hate it when I MEAN to ftpee my Deep Thoughts page and instead
ftpee my Journal page before I'm even finished writing it. GUH.

Yesterday was my parent's anniversary. I think they've been married for
about 90 years. Nah, it just seems that way. Actually they've been married 65 years.
And there was only that one time when they tried to go at each other with knives.
Ok ok. She had a knife, he had a gun. Details. Details.
Other than that it's been pretty smooth sailing.

For some odd reason, every time I hear the word "margarita," I think of Zal.

Looking over some of my notes, I have a bunch of Hott Cops that I haven't mentioned, so I'm going to do so now. Please note that they are all hotttttties, cuttttties and so worth tackling. If you dare.
Sgt. Dennis Anderson, Officer Robert Cook and Officer Stephen Staal, all of the Indianapolis Speedway Police.
Deputy Erik Clarkson and Deputy Mark Goslig, both of Pierce County. ALLLLLL HOTTTTTIES!!!
Deputy Goslig has a GREAT accent, btw.

Kato Kaelin is coming back to tv.
And this time no one has been slaughtered. It's some sort of new show.
LOL..can ya tell I'm really interested?

My gf tells me her kids don't talk to her about anything. I don't understand it. I have great communication with my offspring. The minute they come through the door in the afternoon, I say, "How was school?"
And they say, "Fine."
Then I say, "You did go, right?"
Then we look at each other and laugh and laugh.
See? Talking to kids isn't difficult if you have the skills.

Damn. Those new Reese's PB cup cookies look mighty delish. It looks like they
start with a chocolate cookie filled with pb then dipped in milk chocolate.

Someone came to my site using the search string, "how do you make
meth for dummies?" Yeah, there's a book that's just begging to be written.

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