Tuesday, September 20, 2005

david duchovney, i'm cute and i'm cuddly

I am so very proud of myself today. Our local grocery store has a bakery section that offers several different types of cakes--and you can buy one slice of any of them. I bought a slice of carrot cake with cream cheese icing this afternoon and discovered that it was stale. Instead of eating it and bitching, like I normally would, I THREW IT IN THE GARBAGE!! No way was I going to eat stale cake then be forced to exercise it off.
Of course I was very careful to put the lid on the cake tightly before I tossed it because I'll probably get it back
out of the garbage about 2 a.m. when I'm starving and eat it anyway, but hey
I think I made my point!

Mike South, pornographer and my webPERSON --hmm maybe I should change that to webPIMP??--writes:
"yer lucky i host you at all...with all the incessant drivel about cops drawing unnecessary attention to
me...I should boot your ass back onto homesuck or wherever the hell you
were...but then I see my name and all is forgiven...Im such a ho...."
Oh like the cops even READ my page. Well they do when they google themselves...

I watched the two new shows on CBS last night, How I Met Your Mother and Out of Practice, the latter starring Henry Winkler. How I Met was ok, nothing outrageously funny about it. It was a cutesy premise--the father of two teenagers is telling them the "really long" story of how he met their mother--and I imagine the same kind of people who liked Friends will like this. I liked Out of Practice, about a family of different types of doctors, also starring Stockard Channing. It was nice to see Henry Winkler back on tv in a fairly decent role. It occured to me as I was watching these shows that I haven't been hooked on a network sitcom in a looooooooooong time.

(2:15 p.m.) On the Bold and the Beautiful, Bridget is engaged to Nick, but Nick has the hots for Brooke, Bridget's mother. After a night of wild sex, Bridget tells Nick, "I told my mother how great it was last night."
I couldn't discern was more grossed out: me or Nick.
Ok, telling your mother about your sex life is just WRONG.
I don't care how wild your monkey sex was, I don't care how many screaming O's you had, YOU DO NOT TELL YOUR MOTHER ABOUT YOUR SEX LIFE. It's sick, people. Post it on the internet for all the world to see or slap it on a billboard if you must, but DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT TELL MOM.
I mean, think about it. If you tell your mother about YOUR sex life, don't you think at some point, she's going to start telling you about HER sex life? Possibly about how HOT your DAD is in bed? Trust me, if my mother so much as HINTS at my dad and any sort of nakedness I immediately evacuate the premises. I'm scarred enough as it is growing up in that looney bin. I don't need the horror to continue.

WOW. Can ya tell I'm behind on my COPS eps?
Even MORE winners of the Goddess' Hot Cops (and Deputies) O'The Week Award:
Deputy Grant Hendersonof the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department
in Florida (gawd, I HEART those shaved heads!!!!); Sgt. Steve Zona of the
Jacksonville Police Department and
Officer David Elizarras of the Whitter, California Police Dept.

(11 a.m.) So Maxxx Beaver is talking about his webMASTER. I'm like, "dude, too much power!!
Don't call them webMASTERS, call them webPEOPLE or webPERSON."
But anywho, Maxxx has his webPERSON helping him move and rearrange the Lodge. I wonder if I can get MY webPERSON--Mike South--to help me out at the trailer. Perhaps he could do some cleaning?
Or even babysitting duties?
I think a few poo filled diapers would straighten the boy right out.

I listened to my Eurythmics Greatest Hits CD for hours last night. I love Annie's voice, and I don't think she ever got the acclaim she deserved. This CD is really good, too, cuz it's got all their best songs: Sweet Dreams, Love is a Stranger, I Need A Man, Who's That Girl?, Would I Lie To You? and one of my all time favs, Here Comes the Rain Again, among several others. I own several of their CD's and I gotta say, Annie and Dave wrote some of the best lyrics. Like the chorus of "Love is a Stranger" for instance, where she's describing love:
"It's guilt edged
Glamorous and sleek by design
You know it's jealous by nature
False and unkind
It's hard and restrained
And it's totally cool
It touches and it teases
As you stumble in the debris
And I want you
And I want you so it's an obsession"
I love her imagery.

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