Saturday, September 03, 2005

because of you i never stray too far from the sidewalk

Wendy thinks I'm "making fun" of her, so no more references
to Wendy about Officer Delicious. Oops, I mean, Officer Perez.
(Pssst: I'll make all the references about him to myself from now on.) She also thinks he didn't really email me that I made the whole thing up. Ok, I admit. I have fabricated a lot of things in my lifetime, but that ain't one of 'em.
I forgot to ask Officer Perezhow he even found my teeny 'lil site.
How much ya wanna bet he googled himself?
Lord knows, I wouldn't mind googling him...but I digress.
(Give me a minute to get rid of that visual. Ok, several minutes.....)
Anywho, that's the way most people find my site.
I'd like to think most people find me via word of mouth. I also like to think
I look just like Gwen Steffani. Then I look in the mirror
and reality bitchslaps me.

Oooo, I'm loving that new song by Kelly Clarkson, "Because of You." I like it so much, I actually shelled out moola for her CD. She's the only female from American Idol that's gone anywhere. Although I suspect the female winner that sang country will be going places, even though I can't remember her name.

Sue writes: "Goddess, the E/I logo is Educational/Informational."
Thanks, Sue! I had no clue.

Bush did something yesterday that kinda pissed me off. When he was touring Biloxi, Mississippi, he was shown with two black women. He put his arms around them, blah blah and had his picture taken with them. Gotta have that positive publicity. The one woman then turned away from the camera and you could clearly see that she was upset and pouring her heart out to Pres. Bush. He managed to turn her around so the camera could get their pics again. That just pissed me off big time. Must EVERYTHING be about his political career? Maybe all politicians get this way over time, but Bush seems to have such a disconnect between himself and the people of this country. I guess when you're rich and used to having your ass kissed, the plight of the less fortunate doesn't really sink in. It's like, you see it, but it doesn't affect YOUR life, so what's the point? That's exactly how I feel the President is behaving right now. And it's clear from the way things are going that this is going to turn into a racial thang.

#2 thing that pissed me yesterday on the news. Harry Connick Jr. walking around New Orleans telling us over and over (and over and over) how bad things are. I think we've figured that out and reports like don't really serve a purpose, other than to reinforce everyone's depression and sense of overwhelming frustration.

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