Saturday, September 17, 2005

autumn leaves are falling

Ok, I'm a bitch but this amuses me greatly. This will be our neighbor's first autumn in the trailerpark. He moved in last December. Every day--EVERY DAY--for the last two weeks, he has taken his little leaf blower and spent over an hour blowing all the leaves from the edges of his yard down into the woods. Wait until the winds REALLY start blowing because we NEVER rake our leaves. We cut 'em up as mulch with the lawn mower, but mostly we--you guessed it--let 'em blow into the neighbor's yards. I almost feel bad for him.
One of our elderly neighbors said, "I lay awake at night worrying about these leaves."
I'm like, "Not me!"

I guess you all know by now that Britney gave birth to a baby boy. If Hollywood standards continue, she'll probably name him Marlboro Duracell.
Here's a pic of Brit pre-birthing experience. See how she's got that whole,
"I'm pregnant so the whole world needs to see my big ole belly" attitude goin' on?
And notice how she didn't worry about putting her childs needs first and give up
smoking? Because we all know a little tar and nicotine never hurt anyone!
Damn. I'm sensing some competition for that Mother of the Year award. 
I'm also sensing a nom for the Worst Dressed List.
Those boots totally clash with that belly.
thanks, Zal!

Courtney Love says she fully intends to make good on her promise to stay clean and sober and yet the judge has given her 180 days at a drug treatment facility for ....yep...violating the terms of her probation by taking drugs. Its very sad the way drugs take hold of a person and don't let go. The person I really feel for in this case is her daughter. She lost her dad and can't count on her mother.

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