Sunday, September 18, 2005

and i still have my hands on the wheel

Happy Birthday to Crickett!! Now rub your legs together and make a wish....or maybe that IS the wish.

Today Mr. G got his first official half time blow job of the '05/'06 football season,
since I wasn't home last week. But rest assured, I made this one extra special.

Dish has a fantastically funny new commercial running. A woman enters the home of a friend and her purse flies out of her hands and sticks to the television set. She said, "What's that all about?" The other lady says, "Oh, that's my tv. It sucks. " Then you see a baby in a walker being pulled over to the tv, too, and she says, "yeah, it really sucks." Excellent. ad.

On one of the COPS' eps last night this lady was having trouble with an abusive boyfriend and she steps out of the car wearing leather head to toe--she's 40ish btw. The cop says, "Going to a disco night?" I burst out laughing when I heard that. She hesitated then said, "This is actually was a .....bluff.... to settle him down."
Oooooo, methinks they were gonna play crack da whip.

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