Friday, August 12, 2005

you're smiling out the window of that crummy hotel over washington square

WE'RE MOVING!! That's right. The World of Goddess is moving to a new server.
I don't think any of you people realize the long, painstaking hours it takes to move an entire site..............
I don't either.
I'm just waiting for email from South telling me that all his
long, painstaking hours of work are over and we're good to go.
I have to confess. He makes a great webhost.
(Actually I think he does all the work cuz
he's afraid I'm gonna f*ck something up. He knows me so well.)

Yikes. I thought *moi* was sadly lacking in the tact department. I was talking to my boss last week about the chick who fills in for me when I'm off. I said that her constantly calling me to remind me about things that needed done was getting on my nerves. After all, I've been doing the job for three years+, she's been doing it for three months+. She said she had the same problem with her, that she calls the boss EVERY DAY to tell her what she during her shift.
During the conversation, I said, "Well, I wish I could find a polite way of telling her to stop calling me all the time. I don't want to hurt her feelings, but I know what has to be done. I don't need her micro-managing me." Last week she called me THREE TIMES to tell me the same thing, and on Friday when I went back to work she called me again to tell me the same crap she told me the other three times!
The boss said, "Don't worry. I'll talk to her about it." I thought, yeah, I'd love to know how you're gonna talk to her about calling me, when you haven't even figured out how to get her to stop calling YOU all the time!"
Anywho, another co-worker called me last night about something totally unrelated to work and she mentioned that the boss told this person to "stop calling ( and bothering her with stupid shit all the time!" Oy. That was tactful.

South writes: "miracle whip? MIRACLE WHIP?
you grow a nice garden grown tomato and you put THAT shit on the
sandwich? you may as well mix miricle whip and ketchup and make a
out of will taste just as bad....
try will toss that miricle whip shit for ever...for gods
sake its mostly sugar
When I told him I HATED mayonnaise, he said,
"damn and I thought I was teaching you some culture....I guess the only
culture you have is on the year old ding dongs at the bottom of the
trash can next to yer puter LOL."
Sigh. I do NOT eat year old ding dongs out of the trash can near my computer. And it appalls me that you would say that. What are my many, many NEW readers going to think?!
That I'm some sort of a who snuffles through the trash for food?
I'll have you know, I eat year old PEANUT BUTTER CUPS out of the trash, not ding dongs!
And ONLY after I blow on them to clean off any dirt or fuzz.
As for the "..its mostly sugar" comment, does the dude forget who he's talking to or what?
Of COURSE it's mostly sugar. I wouldn't be eating it otherwise!
And in my defense, I didn't grow this tomato....mine are STILL GREEN!

I'm going to do something I've never done in the course of the last four years+ of having my site. In keeping with this "letting go of the need" spirit, I will not check my stats for an entire seven days!!!
This is BIG, people. This is like saying I'm not going to read my email for an entire week.
Yes! I am that addicted.
(Gawd, my stomach is a swirling eddy of anxiety already.)
I shall begin today August 12th.

When I was quoting song lyrics that stay in your head long after the song has disappeared from the charts and the radio, I forgot the first lines to "Diamonds & Rust," which I've always loved.
"Well, I'll be damned. Here comes your ghost again."

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