Sunday, August 28, 2005

you should hear how she talks about you

Andrea writes: "Hello Goddess.
Your site made me grin. I wouldn't say you piss about per se on your website because it is genuinely funny, however I recommend you should award yourself the absolute pissing about website award as seen here."
Wasn't that FAB of Andrea to bestow that award upon my site??
(Schure she only SUGGESTED the award, but that counts as winning in MY book damn it!!)
You'l be ever so happy to know, Andrea, that I wore my best
evening gown and the one pair of fuzzy slippers my dog hasn't gnoshed, when I ftpeed that award and posted it on my site. Truly I'm honored, and as soon as I'm finished
watching COPS, I'll work on my acceptance speech.
The award is for people who are constantly pissing with their sites--it BETTER not be
for people who HAVE pissy sites. Anywho, it's very appropo, as I am
FOREVER pissing around with my site.

Male Offspring #4 begged me to take him to the bookstore last night. Since I enjoy perusing the aisles, I was only too happy to take him. Ya know, I never realized how much written material there was on the subject of twine. He came home with, "Much Ado About Twine," "One Twine, Two Twine, Red Twine, Blue Twine," "The Miracle of Cana: Jesus Turns Water into Twine," and "Days of Twine and Roses."

There was an obit in the paper yesterday that ran the entire length of the newspaper column. Top to bottom. The interesting thing was that it started out with, "...(he) was a self-made man."
Um are ANY of us really self made? It went on to talk about how the dude was in reform school and spent time living in a cave--no lie, some of this shit is better than fiction, but I always wonder why we need to know this sort of stuff?

Yesterday I watched several eps of "Project Runway," a "reality" show about clothing designers. It was a challenge to find the next new designer, and apparently the damn thing is over with already and I've never even heard of it.
** Oh, the shit I'll watch when I'm bored.**
Anywho, the great thing was that I saw the first ep where they dumped someone, then it skipped to the next to the last ep and the final ep, where the winner was chosen. The final three consisted of a black chick, Kara, who thought she was all that and a bag of licorice twists, a gayer than gay dude, Jay, from Pennsylvania and a homemaker from Virginia. My favorite of the final three was the homemaker chick named Wendy Pepper. After her showing, she said,
"Just six months ago, I was doing this in my basement." Made me tear up a bit. Her clothes were very elegant and classy. The black chick's clothes were nice but they all had the same sort of look to them in her final showing and the gayer than gay dude's clothes were just plain stupid. So, of course, he won because he listened to his inner voice. Puhleeze. That inner voice shit isn't gonna fly when the average woman wouldn't be caught dead wearing most of the stuff in his collection. What I liked most about Wendy was that she spoke her mind, despite the fact that the other two were quite rude to her. They shut her out totally and yet she persevered. She ended up winning the competition to design a dress that Nancy O'Dell would wear to the Grammys. On the very first show, there was one chick that I knew didn't have a snowball's chance in Hell of winning and that's because she said, "I don't have any confidence in my designs." If YOU don't have confidence in your own stuff, nobody else will either.
Heidi Klum was the host and she said things like, "Fashion is a bitch sometimes," and "In fashion, one day you're in and the next day you're out." I've seen oceans that weren't as deep.

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