Monday, August 29, 2005

why are we so in denial when we know we're not happy here

Again, I'd like to BEAT Court TV for slapping their stupid logos
over the names of the officers on COPS. They do it during every friggin' segment.
On the upside, I've been seeing a bunch of eps from Indio that I've never seen before.

Have you read about the woman who is suing her doctor because he said she was obese? That's not quite the whole story, as I found out on CNN today. Apparently the dude went a step further and told her that since women out live men, if her husband died, no man would want her sexually. Ok, I totally applaud this woman for taking action against this insensitive idiot. It's hard enough to hear that you have to lose weight, there was no reason for the doctor to draw her a picture. It's not like she hasn't figured these things out for herself already.

I was reading a romance novel by Diana Palmer, entitled Carrera's Bride. The blurb on the back of the book describes the hero thusly: "With his imposing stature and notorious reputation, Marcus Carrera instilled fear in friends and foes alike." Yeaaaah, then I start reading the book and I discover this big, tough hero SEWS and does QUILTING. Now I'm all for guys learning to take care of themselves, but I gotta say, when I read the line, "I've got some nice blue and pink batik prints and a few fat quarters of whimsical fabric that would make the sweetest little quilt..." I tossed that book against the wall. GUH. NO WAY would a rough, tough dude utter THAT line. Could he BE any more gay if he tried?!
I should have known better than to even read one of her books. She has written the same dewy eyed, innocent (and insipid) heroine over and over for years now. All that "I never knew it could be so BIG. Is it going to hurt??" bullshit gets annoying when used repeatedly.

One might think World's Wildest Videos was scrapping the bottom of the video barrel. Yesterday's ep featured two school mascots duking it out on the sidelines of a game.

I was flipping channels on Sunday afternoon and saw a small snippet of a show featuring Anna Nicole's wildest moments. Ironically, it was ONLY a half hour show. I would have thought two hours at least. Anywho, my favorite moment was when they showed Anna Nic in court and she was on the witless stand whimpering about her inheritance, "Its very expensive to be me."
Yes, I would think the"items" required to self-medicate would cost a small fortune...

And that's my two cents.

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