Wednesday, August 10, 2005

this is the story of a girl who cried a river and drown the whole world

Happy 6th Birthday to Zal's doggie. Woof woof.

Someone who shall remain anonymous wants to know what it means when a chick bites and scratches during sex. Ideas, ladies? I'm guessing it either means her father is a grizzly bear or she's really into it.

Ok I know this has been up forever, cuz SOMEBODY is getting lazy about his updates again, but it's too funny. Check out TimCase's post about the mountain lions, dated July 16th (ya slacker!), then read the comments section. The 5th one is hysterical! They didn't leave a name so I have no idea who posted it.

Well now I'm just firmly convinced that the best way to meet a cop is to make your bank deposits at 4 a.m. Remember I told you Mr. G was stopped by the 'burly' cop (LOL!) when he attempted to make a deposit before work at 3:30 a.m.? Well, I had to take him to work this morning and on the way back I stopped to make a deposit. Who's strolling around the plaza, Coke in hand? The cop.
Unfortunately for me, at 4 a.m. all I can manage is "morning."

Ooooooo I have reached food Nirvana.
Last night I had TWO FRESH TOMATO sammiches for supper.
(Yaya, I was too lazy to cook. Shuddup.)
There's nothing like that first garden FRESH tomato sammich smeared with Miracle Whip.
Sandwiches made with those pinkish, fake greenhouse 'maters don't count.
You know, the ones that taste as bad as they look.

Dirty Bob has informed me that I need to update my interviews. All of 'em. Puhleeze.
It was hard enough getting most of the people to answer questions the first time around. And the last chick I asked SAID she'd be happy to do an interview, then changed her mind and didn't even have the decency to email me back and tell me. Pffffffffft.
At this point in time, I prefer to shove bamboo shoots under
my fingernails, thank you very much.

In her blog, Nina Hartley writes: "Sunday, I gave my fellatio workshop...."
In her blog, Goddess writes: "Sunday I laid around in my raggety underwear reading cop romance novels and working on jigsaw puzzles, all the while yakking on IM." HA! Who's boring NOW, Nina?! Who's boring NOW?

Ya know the first time Luke Ford talked about liking Air Supply, I thought SURELY he was being sarcastic. Unfortunately. He's. Serious. I'm beginning to see why this wife thing isn't panning out for him. Hates going down on a chick but loves Air Supply? Talk about your skewed priorities.
In his blog, he says this about the band, " As with all those who articulate a higher way of loving, they are easy to make fun of." Dude, they're easy to make fun of because they suck. No need to get all mystical about it.

I'm sorry but I just CANNOT fathom what lawmakers were thinking when they allowed motorcyclists to drive without helmets. Motorcycle deaths are increasing and Congress is going to waste 3 freaking MILLION dollars to figure out why. Puhleeze. Motorcyclists who are in favor of the no helmet law say it's inexperienced new cyclists who are the problem.
I don't give a crap WHO is to blame, if your head hits the cement going 35 MPH nothing good can come of it. I've never heard a good reason yet as to why they shouldn't have to wear them. Sorry, but "to feel the wind blowing through my hair" just doesn't cut it for me. I don't enjoy having the circulation in my boobs being cut off by my seatbelt, but I wear it. And just like wearing a seat belt is part of being a responsible vehicle driver, wearing a helmet should be part of the cyclist's responsiblity, too. One guy told me it was "his business" to not wear a helmet. Really? Because if you wreck into me and die, that's going to be on MY conscience too, so as long as you're on the highway amid other drivers, it's not just YOUR business.

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