Monday, August 22, 2005

there's just too much that time cannot erase

It was DELISH.

South is the only person on the planet who readies for
nude scenes by eating cupcakes. He is such a guy.

I'd like to dropkick the people in charge of thinking up these Pepsi rebate offers. They have a $5 rebate on $10 worth of Pepsi purchases. You have to buy 4 of the 6 pk of bottles. Now the cashier's slip should be a good enough proof of purchase since the name of the product is printed right on it. Noooooooo, that's not good enough for PepsiCo. You have to cut all the UPC symbols off the bottles AND write down the numbers on a separate piece of paper. You have to include the UPC's, the receipt and the list of numbers with the rebate form. Then you have to blow the Pepsi delivery guy and hand over your firstborn son.
If all of this is in order, you'll get your friggin' $5 back. They think I won't do it. But they're wrong. I will because I have no life of which to speak.
And when I get that Pepsi rebate check in the mail, I'm spending it all on DIET COKE PRODUCTS.

The Pope warned young teens, not to fall for religions that operate on a "do it yourself" basis." Yeah, the "do it yourself" religions require you to think for yourself. You want to get one of those "following blindly/let other people do my thinking" religions. What was REALLY comical was when the Pope said "Yet, if it is pushed too far, religion becomes almost a consumer product." Comical, because nobody knows more about turning religion into a consumer "product" than the Catholic Church. Anybody care to "buy" a few masses??

I saw a show called "14 Children and Pregnant Again" yesterday. 14? Puhleeze. Amateurs. Why do people give their kids first names that all start with the same letter? That is so strange. Every one of the kid's names in that family started with the letter "J".Yes, nothing like promoting good old individuality. The king of individuality being George Foreman.....

So I was watching Kathy Griffin on Sunday. Yes! She's like the ONLY reality show I really like watching. I laughed when she talked about selling the DVD's though. She had two signings and she sold 24.
Her HUSBAND sold 33 backstage at one of her shows. How funny is that?! And how sad when the celebrity sells less of her own product?!

I loved Shoe yesterday. He said some days he felt fat and somedays he felt thin. His talking scale said, "What's the forecast for today?" He said, "partly portly with a 20% chance of scattered skinny."

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