Tuesday, August 23, 2005

sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile

Damn it! I was riding in the car with C.P. earlier this afternoon and he was pulled over by the police for not signaling a turn. Anywho, while we were waiting for the police officer to get out of the car, I'm praying, "Please be a guy. Please be a guy. Please be a guy." It was a female officer. Is there no God?! Uck.

Ever since we moved to the new server, my web site hits have been more than cut in half.
Personally, I blame the server.
And Mike South.
(cuz he's out of the country and I can get away with it.
They don't have internet service in the wilds of O Canada.
That's why there are no Canadians on the internet.)

I sat down last night to watch the COPS eps I taped from Court TV on Sunday. Most of them were from Palm Springs AND I hadn't seen any of them, save a segment or two out of all five eps. Every time I sit down to watch TV, Holly gets the attention bug up her ass. She's constantly shoving her jug in my face or trotting past me with stuff she's stolen from our bedroom while Mr. G isn't watching. And I'm constantly correcting her the entire time I'm trying to watch my shows. NEVER FAILS. I keep saying, "Find a bone and settle DOWN." Or "Where's Holly's toys? That's NOT Holly's toy." UGH. And as usual she found a bone she was happy with during the last segment of the last show. Sigh.
And as if that isn't bad enough, I'm TOTALLY PISSED at Court TV for covering up the names of the HOTT COPS with their friggin' stupid logos. How can I properly jill off to a strange cop if I don't know his name? What am I going to scream out during the big O? "Oh...oh...yes! YES! DO ME, cop whose name I don't know because sucky Court TV obliterated your name with their butt uglee logos!!" Just doesn't cut it for me. (Although, I guess I could TRY.....)

Beater writes: " 'South is the only person on the planet who readies for nude scenes by eating cupcakes. He is such a guy.' wait a second I drink a ton of beer to do nude stuff, beer or cupcakes? Beer is real man stuff ."
Beer AND cupcakes?! I'm fairly certain that's Naomi Campbell's regime, too.
Ok, then you BOTH need to be shot!

I bought gas tonight.....$17.50 for 6 frickin' gallons. I was reading an article in today's paper about why gas is so expensive and one of the reasons is the POSSIBLITY of a bad hurricane season, which might interrupt shipments. What pisses me about this is we're paying for it now and it hasn't even happened yet. If we DO experience a bad hurricane season the prices will go up again.
If we don't, you KNOW they're not going down.

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