Friday, August 19, 2005

some people drive limousines some people take a back seat

A big THANK YOU to Mike South who worked really hard
last night and got my stats working!! YAY!!! He was working on it till after one a.m. at which point I'm like, "damn I'm too tired to stay up any longer." He said, "I got it!"
and SUDDENLY I was wide awake again. Then I coded my pages for over an hour.
A small price to pay indeed.

(12 a.m.) While the Pennsylvania Legislature had no problem voting themselves a hefty 16-34% payraise, they balked at making the state underwrite the cost of life insurance for active duty National Guard soldiers and airmen. Seems we don't have enough money in the budget for that. Hmm, I wonder why? The subsidy would cost PA slightly more than $1 million dollars while the raises will cost us several million dollars. When asked why he didn't vote for the underwriting of the life insurance, one Representative said, "Should we take the money from education and pay for this? Should we take it away from libraries and pay for this?" Gosh, he was like one cunt hair away from saying: should we take it from the pockets of school children as they get off the bus each morning? Hey! Here's an idea: how about we take it from YOUR FUCKING PAYCHECK, you overpaid drama queen.
But then, I really shouldn't kvetch. It's tough being in the PA state legislature. I mean they have to stay up late at night so they can sneak in and vote themselves a pay raise when no one will be there to argue against it. All that cunning and lying and out and out thievery is a lot of work. Not to mention it cuts into their beauty sleep. When one outraged PA citizen emailed his state representative about the raise, the guy emailed him back, telling him to "Get a life." Yep, that's our PA gubment in (in)action.

Ya know, I don't MEAN to be a bitch, and yet, I'm going to say this anyway. The people at the Flight 93 Memorial in Somerset, PA, have asked Tom Ridge to head a fundraising campaign to raise more than $30 million dollars to build a permanent memorial in Somerset, the site of the Flight 93 crash on September 11th. Now, and again, I don't mean to be a big old bitch, but I think this is a HUGE waste of money that could be given to the families. I clearly recall loved ones left behind with small children to raise and put through school. Wouldn't this money be such a help to those who have lost parents and wage earners? I mean while it's nice to come out here and look at a big ole memorial for a few seconds, that money could do so much more good elsewhere.

Color me blue. (And green.) I was at work yesterday morning perusing a Gateway brochure, checking out the new laptops, when one of my co-workers happened by. She leaned over my shoulder and said, "Oh, are you thinking of getting a new laptop? I'm going up to WalMart today and buying one. That way I can watch movies on it." I'm like, "Ya know, you can buy a small DVD player to do that. You don't need a laptop." And I said it in a nice, conversational way so she wouldn't get a wiff of the stench of my jealousy.
She said, "No, I really want a wireless laptop, so I'm going to buy one today."
The SECOND she left, I was on the phone with Mr. G. I'm like, "What is WRONG with this picture? Here's a chick who goes to the Salvation Army and St. Vincent De Paul's at Christmas time and cries poor so she can get $250 in gift certificates to buy her kid's presents, while she spends HER $ on a wide screen tv for her husband, yet SHE can waltz up to WalMart and buy a laptop and I can't! What is WRONG with this picture?!" He said, "Well, of course she can buy a laptop. She's got other people paying her bills, people who donate to the Salvation Army every year. PEOPLE LIKE US!!" Sigh.
And ya know, I TRY not to be jealous, but the instant she said, "I'm going to buy one today," two little devil horns sprouted right out of my head.
I have sent out so many queries the last few months and gotten so many of those fucking "this does not meet our needs at this time" form rejection letters back, that I'm starting to feel another one of those "I will NEVER be a paid writer" crying jags coming on.

Today, I missed my stats so badly , that I re-read my old stats and
pretended they were new.

I read South's piece on oil refineries last night before bedtime--big mistake. He's starting to sound like Jack Van Impe, aka The Voice of (Cheerful) Doom. Jack is the dude who comes on TV on Sundays and talks about every little thing that happened on the planet and how it relates to the coming of Jesus, and how glorious it will be. But ya know, Jack kinda skims over the "wailing and gnashing of teeth" part that we'll have to live through BEFORE Jesus gets here--if all the prophecies are true. As I've stated before I DO NOT allow myself to think about this sort of stuff. It churns in my sub-conscious, but the minute it struggles to the surface of my conscious mind, I think, "You know what would be REALLY GOOD right about now? Cake. "
But anywho, I woke up about 3 a.m. and I'm laying there staring at the ceiling thinking, "What if South is right? What if that Venezula dude shuts us off completely and we can't afford to pay for gas? What will we do? What if Jesus comes and there is no more damn cake?!"

I was watching Kathy Griffin's Life on the D List today, and she was talking about a recent stint on the Tonight Show. She was showing pics of herself and celebs and when it came to a pic of her and Carmen Electra, Jay said, "That looks like a before and after shot." OUCH!! OUCH!! She was in the limo afterwards, crying about it, saying what a cheap shot it was. I thought it was rude. Kathy looks really good.
I guess some people think that since she takes swipes at celebs in her act, that she's fair game, too. When I listen to Kathy's routine, though, IMHO she's not so much about making fun of the way celebs look, it's more about the way they act, like if they're catty or bitchy. I really like her, but I can't see how she thinks making fun of people is going to get her working more.
Her problem is that she's too honest for Hollywood, where egos are fragile.
There was one really funny scene when she was going to a DVD signing and she made her parents come and buy her DVD. She was pissed cuz her dad was only going to buy one. He's like, "I love you, but they're $15.99." LOL. I can hear my parents saying that exact same thing.

I love it when they show that clip of Pat Robertson praying for "more vacancies on the Supreme Court" on the Daily Show. Why doesn't Pat just tell it like it is? "Lord, please smote a few Supreme Court justices so we can get the Christian judges in to promote our own self-serving agenda."

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