Wednesday, August 31, 2005

so much for my happy ending

Whooo hoooo! The season premiere of COPS is going
to feature a segment from PITTSBURGH!! That's PICKSBURGH for all you natives of the Steel City.

Of my Officer Joey Perez from Fresno pic, Wendy writes: "That's what you're bragging about, come on. It's not even a good photo. It's just a clip from the COPS video footage. At least my cute cops I can go up and talk to, unfortunately, my cute crew cut one is on vacation until next week :(
But we have so many more. He he He"
Officer Perez said, "Well excuse me for not having my digital camera with me, Wendy." Ok he didn't. I just made that up. But how can you say that's not a good photo?? Of course it is!
Although I admit the full frontal nudity would have been much much better.
But now, Wendy, don't be jealous cuz he didn't send you a pic, along with HIS PHONE NUMBERS!! Schure it's probably his work numbers and he forgot they were on there, but a girl can dream, can't she??
Actually I'm surprised he left those contact numbers in there. Apparently he hasn't read enough of my site to recognize my stalkerish tendencies....phew!

Ok, I've been watching quite a lot of the hurricane coverage and there's something I don't understand. When people are told to evacuate and when they're told how devestating the storm might be, why do they persist in staying at home? Is it because they're afraid to leave their things behind, or do they think they can be one of the lucky ones to ride it out or don't they have the money/means to leave? I don't understand it. I think we all have an attachement to our things, but I can't believe that would be their motivation. Somebody 'splain.
I do know that I cannot even FATHOM the depression and loss
they're feeling right now. The homes that I saw were submerged in water to the roof.

Gotta love the internet. They're talking about my site on a forum in Tiran. Hell, who knew there were that making English speaking people in Tiran? Hell, who knows where Tiran is?
I'm not sure, but I'm guessing just outside the city limits of Peewaukee, Wisconsin.
Thankfully I can't read a word of what they've said....

You know what I always think about when I'm watching COPS? Besides the cops, smart asses. They have to narrate what's happening the whole time and I'm wondering if they continue to do that long after the camera crew has left? I would. I'd be sitting in the patrol car all alone going, "Yeah, I've been on the force for three years now. I enjoy my work, being among the community and just pretty much loving guys who dig chicks in uniform. Ok I'm gonna stop this car ahead of me for failure to yield and then we'll head on over to Pizza Hut for that all you can eat buffet. Oh and some cake, too. Maybe even peruse a little porn. "

Speaking of COPS, I saw my favorite, most bizarre ep again today. It's the one featuring Officer Maldonado from Fort Worth Texas. He's flagged down by this chick who is incensed by the fact that she gave a woman twenty bucks for crack and the woman gave her plaster instead of crack. CrackyChick wants the officer to get her money back for her. The funniest part of this surreal segment is where the Alleged Dope Peddlar Woman, who is standing with her 17 year old son, says to the cop, "I told her 'don't disrepect my son'. This is my son. I don't sell drugs. I'm a prostitute." Yes, a much more respectable profession...

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