Thursday, August 04, 2005

say that remember dancing in september

I got a kick out of this comment by Mike Ramone on AVN's blog in a story about one of their female writers who was covering a story for the mag, and was "groped" by the director while on set. Mike writes: "Just the other day, another female AVN writer went to another set to cover it and tells me she was allegedly groped by a male director (he knows who he is, so no need to embarrass him publicly, though if he denies the allegation, he might want to contact me)."
No need to embarrass him publicly??? DUH.
It's the mere fact that no one IS embarrassing him publicly that allows him to get away with this inappropriate behavior. Whether their female writer is a 'big girl' or not, AVN should not stand back and allow this sort of treatment to continue to their employees. Naming him publicly and allowing him a chance to comment would have been a good first step.

Zal writes: "When I use that financial planner's advice, I just calculate how many beers it would cost.
Then I just go buy beer instead..."

El Cheapo sent me the link to a Yahoo story about a couple who purchased a trailer for $1.05 MILLION DOLLARS in Malibu, along with the comment, "Location. Location. Location." Rub my snout in it, why don't cha??
Out "there" they call trailers, "mobile villas." Whatever gets you through the night. In the East we call them "cheap air transportation." Anywho for $1.05 mill this couple got a 1971 trailer with NO LAND. They also have to pay anywhere between $800-$2500 a month for keeping their trailer on this "no land." They wuz robbed. When you buy a trailer, I'm sorry--a "mobile villa"--you always want to get that postage stamp size yard that goes with it. It would be like going to the House of Pies and ordering the apple pie WITHOUT the vanilla ice cream. UNHEARD OF. You always want that tiny yard that is just big enough to force you to shell out money for a lawn mower. This is usually because the Trailer Owners Association limits the amount of goats one can have in a trailer park. DAMN those rich, two goat families who were here before I was!!

Well I bit the bullet and purchased a Hitachi Wand. I say "bit the bullet" for two reasons. 1. It's much bigger than the vibrators I use and 2. The sucker cost $59 once they added shipping and handling! Mr. G had to work about 8 hours for this piece o'crap so it DAMN WELL BETTER deliver many, MANY screaming O's!!
I bought TWO Wahl vibes--the kind I usually use--and sent both of them back. They were both LOUSY. They were slower than my current vibe and she's on her last legs.
So to speak. If a vibrator was female. And had legs.

They have been advertising a show called the Golden Palace on Lifetime, saying it was a followup series to the Golden Girls. It starred all the same women except Bea Arthur, who got married at the end of the original series.. It also starred Cheech Marin as a chef in the hotel. For some odd reason, I just don't remember it at all. The show I saw was from 1992. It's written by all the same people. One question I have: if a series is doing well and you like doing it, why END the series only to start another one just like it but in a different setting?? So Bea Arthur left, big deal. That was no reason to end the whole thing.
They even use the same stupid theme song from the original show!

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