Monday, August 08, 2005

picture perfect

Cowboy sends this pic...
I found the search feature on my DISH remote yesterday. I just type in the name of a show and it searches for it and tells me what station and time it will be on. Cool. Hey, I've only had this DISH
for two years +. You can't expect me to find EVERYTHING at once.

I received my Hitachi Wand today. (Yeah that's the REAL reason I haven't updated much. )
The speed is great, but the one thing I thought I wasn't going to like about it, I don't. I don't care for the HUGE head on the vibe. I'm used to the smalled L-shaped vibes with smaller heads. I see the newer models have a few attachments, but they need to develop a much smaller head so we can direct it precisely where we want it to go. I was upset when I found out the package only cost $4.55 to mail and they charged me $15 for shipping, but when I emailed the company they gave me a refund on some of the shipping, which was good on their part.

DAMN THAT DOG!! Holly wanted to go outside this morning and I wasn't dressed, so I grabbed one of those bath towels and wrapped it around me. It's raining so I put her on the chain, and stepped out to make sure the bedding in her igloo wasn't getting wet and SON OF A BITCH if she didn't grab the towel and give it a yank! That sucker dropped like a STONE. Thank God I had the smarts to make sure no one was around BEFORE I stepped out.

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