Friday, August 05, 2005

justify my love

People, people, people. You have not lived until you've attended a Christian Spelling Bee during Vacation Bible School week. I've long felt that the standard, "Could you use that word in a sentence, please?" was merely a stalling tactic for stupid kids, who refuse to admit the inevitable. NOW I know for sure. When I heard that little punk say, "Could you use the word "Moses" in a sentence, please?" I knew my cynical thinking was correct. Yeah, here it is: "Spell the word "Moses" before I part the red seat of your pants with my foot, ya little Christian slacker!"
BTW, I thought the whole idea of Vacation Bible School was to give the PARENTS A VACATION!!

I saw Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D List today on Bravo. I LIKE it, but ONLY because I like Kathy and I like her husband Matt. He's a hottie and they have good, genuine rapport. I don't necessarily like the show because they're breaking any new ground, by any means. It's typical celebreality stuff. BUT they're both interesting and funny, and they don't take themselves so seriously like a certain Whitless and Bobby. I have often thought that Kathy is what Joan Rivers COULD have been, had Joan been pretty, funny and talented. I just don't think that Kathy is going to get with the A list people by making fun of them cuz most of them seem to take themselves VERY seriously. I LMAO when she said she liked Oprah but she couldn't help but make fun of her because "she thinks she's Jesus." And I loved it when she talked about Madonna going on Oprah to discuss the Kabbalah. Madonna said something along the lines of it being about karma, "if you're good to people, they might be good back to you." Kathy said, "She had to get religion to learn to not be an asshole? Most of us learned that in the first grade. It's called the Golden Rule."
When Kathy was trying to get contact numbers from a few stars at a charity event for her upcoming Toys For Tots event, one of the chicks from the O.C. gave her her PUBLICIST'S number. Kathy said, "I get it. I get it. I'm not supposed to call her at home." I like the fact that she says what a lot of us are thinking.
On the show before the D List, they ran some of Kathy's standup. She was talking about Oprah and her "frrrrrriend" Gayle and laughed about how Clay Gakin does interviews saying how hard it is for him to meet a nice gal. Again, she says what everybody else is thinking.

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