Sunday, August 07, 2005

its the end of the world as we know it and i feel blah

Crickett writes: "I love the fact that you update all the time. Sometimes, it's not even
often enough for my liking, but I'm pushy and demanding. I check your
site usually twice a day to see if anything new has gone up.
(Oh, and I
did write all about House of Pies for you, but the only mention I saw
was you taking issue with the fact that the apple pie was not a la
mode. Since the other two fruit pies *were* a la mode, it was easier
take some of the rapidly melting ice cream from one of the other plates
and combine it with a bite of apple pie. And the cheesecake was
divine.) So there."
Thanks for the email. I'm now willing to forgive you for LEAVING THE EAST BEHIND!!
BTW, have you ever had chocolate cheesecake??? I was at a restaurant recently and they had regular cheesecake and chocolate. I KNOW I like regular so I was afraid to blow my one dessert choice the chocolate, just in case I didn't like. Lemme know if it's good. I like the Philly cheesey taste to it and I'm afraid chocolate will override that. And yes, Crickett did have a very good account of her visit to the House of Pies, which was why I made sure to have some apple pie on hand while reading it. Without the ice cream...cuz I'm allergic...damn it!

Ok as far as the site goes, here's the deal. South and Zal and Keith have all at some point said, "Stop talking about the cops you think are cute."
Or as Keith said, "i don't care if they cream your pants i don't want to hear it"
I WANT people to feel free to say "this is what I like" or "this is what I don't like" about the site, cuz I don't want to keep doing something that isn't working. I'm not trying to be argumentative here.
(Cuz Zal's probably sitting there right now going "why the HELL did I tell her the truth?!)
BUT let me just say one thing.
Zal, South, Alex (sorry i'm dragging you into this too even though you indulge me in my madness:), TimCase, Keith, Jerry and a couple other male writers of blogs that I read ALL TALK ABOUT WOMEN THEY THINK ARE HOT!!!!!! EVERY ONE OF THEM.
Some of them even talk about the married woman down
the street they'd like to hump, don't they, Keith? And even though talk of other chicks bore me to death (unless I know them), I return to read their sites day in and day out, so I want one of you guys to tell me what the difference is between me talking about cute cops and them talking about cute chicks?? I honestly don't see a difference.
I'm failing to believe that people won't return simply because I'm talking about cops.

OK Zal and I had a conversation this morning about how I've been writing my site for four and a half years and have barely a handful of readers still. He suggested I not update as much. Ok, I'm not really sure how NOT updating will get me more readers than UPDATING will, but it has kind of a "people like you more when you're not around" feel to it. Sigh. Anywho, I'll let ya know when he wakes up and answers my email in which I asked him to expound on his theory.

The reason I update frequently is simple: when I started my site, I thought about the websites that I read often, like Luke Ford's, and at the time, Gene Ross', and what it was that attracted me to those sites. The thing that I liked was that they were updated OFTEN. So that's why I tried to do the same. But that hasn't worked for me.

BTW, while posting that I haven't updated counts as an update, posting about how I'm not going to update as often does NOT count as an update.

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