Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing until they got a hold of me

I just want you ALL to know that I advised South to SAVE HIMSELF by pulling a Tim Case and posting an entry about how he doesn't have time to post an entry, but of course, he didn't.
He doesn't love his readers as much as I love all three of my readers!!!
Posting that you're too busy to post COUNTS as an entry. It's not an excuse that should be SQUANDERED, though, lest everybody figures out that the real reason you're not posting is because you're just too damn LAZY to write an update. Or because you're off having so much sex that you're too exhausted to flip open your laptop.

The lady I work for decided to hire someone to keep the lawn around the building free of weeds and to mow the grass. When I went to work yesterday, she said she was expecting a couple 10 yr old boys she was going to interview. Natch neither one of them showed, but two thoughts immediately crossed my mind when she told me about this scheme. They were:
1. Had you been this diligent about hiring a couple of my co-workers you might have gotten people who aren't afraid to DO THEIR DAMN JOB. I honestly feel that an important quality in an employee is initiative. I you see something that needs to be done, DO IT. Don't wait to be asked. Two of the chicks I work with do absolutely nothing on their own initiative. And half the time they don't
even do what they're supposed to do, let alone do more.
2. How exactly do you go about interviewing a 10 year old boy about weeding?
"What are your qualifications for weeding?"
"Well I don't have any weeding qualifications per say, but I jack off quite a bit so
I'm an expert at executing the yanking motion."

I don't know if Eastwood Insurance is INTENTIONALLY going for the gay audience or if it's a fluke, but their commercials REEK gayness. We're talking Jack from Will and Grace GAY. First we had the creepy one where the two guys were in the shower, NOW we have guys dressed like cowboys singing about car insurance. A singing and dancing cowboy is gay to begin with, but dancing and singing about car insurance is SUPER GAY.
Why not just bring on the Village People and let 'em have at it??
"macho macho man i want to be a macho man....
thats why I buy Eastwood Car Insurance..."
They have several ads and the gay cowboy theme seems to show up in all of them. They need to get a REAL advertising agency to do their ads. This ain't kindygarden.
I have absolutely nothing against gay people, but these ads are just plain freaking. me. out. I mean at least throw some lesbian chicks in there to even things out.

Did you see where Sony was busted for paying radio stations to pimp their artists' songs, one of which was CELINE DION? Hell, if I was a dj, you'd HAVE to pay me to play her shit.

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