Tuesday, August 09, 2005

he man woman haters club

This is just something that's been on my mind for a few days now. (Relax, Zal, it's not about you;)
I post to several forums, and the majority of the people are quite nice on all of them. But there is one chick--I'll call her BoorishChick--that does something that bugs me. BoorishChick will come to one of the forums I post on, and talk about HER forum, her NEW forum that only a select few, by invitation only are allowed to know about. She'll laugh about and mock those people she SAYS are emailing her wanting to join her elite little "island."
Yeah. We're just all DYING to see it.
I mean, why do you have to keep coming over to Forum A to remind people they have messages on Forum B? If Forum B is so damn exciting, they wouldn't need reminders. Or as someone else suggested, why doesn't BoorishChick just email them privately? Now this sort of childish behavior takes me back to when you're kids and you have a clubhouse. You know how it goes. You're with your friends and the groove is fine. Some NuKid comes along with a boss complex and decides she's going to shake everything up and when that doesn't work, she decides she's going make her OWN clubhouse,
and only the kids she wants are allowed to join.
That is so second grade. Her behavior is nothing short of rude. Which is kinda ironic because I think that's why BoorishChick started her own forum--she didn't like the behavior of some of the people on our forum.

And may I just say that it's a hell of a lot easier to add a picture to blogger than it is to Live Journal!!

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