Tuesday, August 16, 2005

El Cheapo sends this pic. If they have a male version of that card,
I'm sure it would read, "Sorry I told you that outfit makes you look fat."

Never fails. Right before my period,
I'm yakking a mile a minute, right after, I got nada to say. Sigh.
I think I'll run outside and snap a pic of the grass growing and call it an "update".

Ok I couldn't resist posting this one for the ladies.
If you're a butt fan and a cop fan, this one is for you.
And I don't mean their donkeys either. And even more HOTT ass.

Female Offspring #1 told me she dreamt I had a baby.
Damn. I knew there was SOMEBODY I forgot to call when
I found out I was pregnant a couple months back. As Mother Goddess would say, "I
can't remember who I tell what to!" Stick that in your "Elements of Style" and smoke it.

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