Monday, July 04, 2005

where is the love you said you'd give to me soon as you were free

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! **waves a flag**

A friend of mine suggested I get an audio blog.
You can post MP3's via your phone.
I'm like, ya know what? I simply canNOT handle one more blog!

I was reading an article that said Henry Fonda's (Jane & Peter's daddy) first two wives committed suicide. Damn. That would really most people a complex, wouldn't it? Not old Henry. He went on to marry three more times.

Another example of a good song being WASTED in a stupid commercial: Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible" being used in a "simply irresistibowl" ad. Sigh.

I like radio programs that list the people involved with the show. They tell you who produced it, who directed it, who gives a fart, who edits and who mixes the music. Why? Not like we're gonna look these people up or send 'em a thank you. And it's always vague names like "editing Tom Smith," "director Joe Black"....

Comedy Central is raving about Stella's stellar premiere. That's only because it premiered after a brand new Reno 911 ep. Take it out of that time slot and I'm guessing it's not going to be so stellar. Hell, if this thing lasts more than two months, I'll be stunned. And that's being generous cuz I know how FOX likes to hang on to really asshole shows in the hopes that people will suddenly like them. Perhaps CC will do the same with Stella. Case in point, one of their new reality shows--why, oh why can't this farking trend END ALREADY?! there's NOTHING real about reality shows--features the two sons of a wealthy record producer. Their father has laid down the law--they must get jobs or they'll be kicked out of the house. Does ANYBODY care?!

So I watched a couple episodes of "Being Bobby" yesterday. Shoot me already. I was bored. Really bored. Ripping a scab off just to see if it'll bleed much bored.
The best way I can describe the show is thusly: it's like watching two drunken bums
trying to convince you their life is really exciting and worth viewing, but you sit there thinking, who the hell are they trying to convince? Us or themselves?? Ok, my favorite part of the one ep was where Whitless bitched about being followed by the media. Um, HELLO?! YOU HAVE CAMERAS IN YOUR HOUSE AND FOLLOWING YOU 24/7 TO PIMP YOURSELVES AND YOU'RE BITCHING ABOUT ATTENTION FROM THE MEDIA??!! Here's a quarter, buy yourself a clue. I predict these two asswipes will be signing autographs at the opening of a Piggly Wiggly a few years from now GRATEFUL to have ANYBODY want their autograph.
Ok, so this is what the show basically consists of: Bobby telling us over and over how much he loves Whitless, the obligatory "we're so in luvvvv" kiss every five seconds and Whitless & Bobby breaking into song and dance in public like they're in the middle of an episode of FAME. In the one ep I watched, Bobby says, "The best thing in the world is to come home to your family. To let them know you'll always be there for them. She's my special lady. That's why I love her." The ep before that? Bobby was dragged into court for having slapped the crap out of Whitless. Oh, yeah, they's in luuuuv. I loved how he tried to make it seem that he was so innocent and the cops just had it in for him, esp when he mentioned that "Georgia was the first state to imprison slaves."
Oh yeah, liken yourself to a slave, Bobby.
What's really interesting is that guys who abuse their spouses have a pattern they follow. They isolate them from their friends and family and make them feel like no one will ever want them, but they also convince them that their possessiveness is due to LOVE, not control. Bobby dropped Whitless off at the hotel in one ep to watch the kids while he went out nightclubbing. Some hot chick was rubbing her body all over him. The next day he takes Whitless to a spa and when a masseur comes out for her, Bobby's adament that the guy will NOT touch his wife and he insists on a female. And Whitless is all, "Oh, Bobby's not joking. You won't be massaging me" like it's out of love when it's just a controlling mechanism. So you're thinking Bobby then had a masseur for himself, too, right? WRONG. He had a female. To sum up, these two are a MESS, they're obnoxious in public and it's really sad to watch.
(Not to mention super boring.)

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