Thursday, July 14, 2005

where have all the cowboys gone

If you think the media hasn't distorted a woman's healthy view of herself, check out Kelly Ripa's comments about her old high school weight:
"But back when she was a big-haired high school cheerleader, the 5-foot-4 blond clocked in at 128 pounds. 'That was a fun weigh-in for cheerleading,' Ripa jokes. 'I was stout. I had four legs, including my two upper arms.'"
128 pounds at 5'4" and she considered herself "stout"??
Truly pathetic the way the media has manipulated women
into thinking we all have to look like a starving P.O.W. to be worthy.

A U.S. consumer group wants cigarette-style warnings on soft drinks to alert consumers that too much of the sugary beverages can make people fat and cause other health problems. And that's fine and dandy, as long as they also extend those warnings to include the so called "fruit" juice and "fruit" drinks industry. Fruit juices are LOADED with sugar, and generally don't have a lot of vitamins and nutrients. Fruit drinks sometimes have two or three different kinds of sugar and are probably worse than soft drinks. I don't think there is anyone dumb enough to believe soda is good for them OR healthy, but fruit drinks are often touted as being "good and "healthy" for kids, making them doubly harmful, IMHO. Now I shall climb down off my soapbox because standing in one place too long causes varicose veins, ya know.

My last freaking day off. "How many days did it rain like hell, Goddess, so you could lay in bed and read with a clear conscience?" you ask. ONCE AGAIN: NONE. Tomorrow and all weekend, it'll probably RAIN CONSTANTLY.

Mr. G's dad is becoming more and more senile. (And no, senility is not the same as Alzheimer's. You have to be around both to understand the diff and unfortunately, they both suck when you have to deal with them.) He's starting to hoard stuff. Three times now he's had his heart pill meds refilled and three times now they're missing minutes after he gets home, so we're fairly certain he's hiding them thinking someone is going to steal them. His mind is REALLY bad. He can't remember from one minute to the next and there's no way he's going to be able to stay at home because he's a mean S.O.B.
I feel bad for my husband because they're calling him constantly and bothering him at work all the time. If they have an argument, they call him and try to get him in the middle. (They've ALWAYS done this.) My husband doesn't have the best of health as it is, and it pisses me off that this is happening. His father is belligerent and impatient--always has been--but now even moreso and my husband is taking the brunt of his temper. One minute he's asking my husband for a favor, the next he's cursing him out about something that wasn't done to his satisfaction.
One of the things that has bothered me the most during our 25 years together is that his father NEVER apologizes for being an asshole. NEVER. He is the kind of person--we all know them--that is nice to outsiders and treats his own family like crap. He calls my husband names like "stupid bastard" and "idiot" and he does NOT deserve that. They get into huge arguments and then the next time the old man wants something,
he just brushes it all under the carpet without ever saying, "I'm sorry." I don't have the best relationship with my parents, I'll be the first to admit that, but they NEVER, EVER called us names like that or berated us. A "friend" calling you a 'stupid bastard' doesn't have near the impact that it does when your mother or father calls you that. I can tell it gets to my husband because from time to time we'll be arguing about something, and out of the blue, he'll yell, "I'm not stupid!" It's insane. I feel like saying, "Take this up with your dad! That's who you're really arguing with." Now his dad has lost eyesight totally in one eye and a good bit in the other, so my husband is driving him places and that makes it even more strenuous because the old man wants to go when HE wants to go. They never take my husband's work schedule into consideration. He'll start this shit where he tells my husband that it's his responsibility as a son to take care of his father because it says so in the Bible.
He took care of his father, well my mother-in-law took care of his father while my father-in-law ran around and drank. But that was his idea of "taking care of him." My husband said it was pure misery growing up like that because his mother resented his father because her own parents died in a home because she was busy taking care of her in-laws.
I say, show me the part in the Bible where it says its ok to call your child an idiot and a bullheaded bastard and essentially make him feel like garbage when he's really a wonderful human being, and then we'll talk.
His mother has gotten really overweight so she can't do much around the house, either. She can't even do much for herself.
Mr. G's sister helps from time to time, but her main goal is to shove them into a home so she can get her hands on any money that might be left.
All in all, it's making Mr. G crazy and that makes me crazy.
Thanks for letting me vent.
And the silver lining of this whole dark cloud is: Thank GOD this isn't China where the whole family lives in one house.

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