Tuesday, July 12, 2005

we had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun

Concerning the scholarship reality tv show, ElCheapo writes: "ABC tried this with The Scholar (might be over by now, check
listings). IIRC, ratings blew. Sponsor, is/was WalMart (again, IIRC)."
I googled this cuz I hadn't heard of it, which is telling in and of itself. Who hasn't heard of Survivor? And even that stupid Real Gilligan's Island? Apparently the winner has not been chosen yet, so the show is still running.
Pared down to six remaining contestants, I believe.
Figures that something this worthwhile WOULDN'T catch on. Probably cuz there's LEARNING involved.

Alas! I am NOT ALONE with this whole Firefox bookmark crap. When I googled "problesm in Firefox," I found a whole list of folks having problems with it, and there's a shitload listed under "bookmarks" alone. Phew! For a minute there I thought maybe I was having problems because I'm having my period.
(And if ya didn't read yesterday's update, you'll never get that in a million years.)

I love this search string, "If you cannot find Osama bomb Iraq."
Sweet. Esp. since they THINK he's hiding in IRAN.

Tim Case writes: You are both correct and incorrect. God was speaking to you in the shower, and he did say "Bjorn", but he was actually referring to Bjorn Borg, the male pro tennis player from the late 70s and early 80s -- not Bjorn from the swedish pop group Abba, beloved of homosexuals everywhere, from the same time period.
God probably wanted you to go to Wimbledon.
Way to go."
Normally I would agree, but alas, God has seen me run. Have you ever seen those idiots that spin their arms like windmills when they run? Well, then you've seen me.

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