Sunday, July 24, 2005

under the table and dreaming

I cut Mr. G's hair this afternoon and after he was finished checking to see if it was ok, I told him to come over and stand in front of me. [Oh did I mention he was totally naked?] Anywho, I told him that while I had the scissors out and was in a cutting mood, I wanted to trim his pubic hair, too.
Hey, I'm tired of picking those hairs out of my teeth!!
He was like, "NOOOOO WAY!"
Damn, you accidentally nick somebody's earlobe
and they get all sensitive and distrustful of ya.

(noonish) Here's an interesting little tidbit. The word "Gesundheit" actually means "health," not, as I thought, "God bless you." There ya go. Ya learn something new every day. Nobody said it was going to be interesting.

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