Saturday, July 30, 2005

so i go insane like i always do

Elcheapo writes: "Your post got me to thinking about how much it costs to buy OTC
valium. 20 cents USD equals 293IQD (Iraqi Dinars). That's probably,
like, a weeks salary over there.
Wasn't there a report a couple of years ago about how a McDonald's
happy meal in China (India? Pakistan? Russia?) cost a week/months
I caught some of that Oprah too and her attitude was kinda gross.
Take Care (hope all is OK with Mr G!)"
Thanks for figuring that out for me. I wasn't putting it in perspective, I immediately zoned out on the words TWENTY FREAKING CENTS?! AND O.T.C.??
She never said how much the average Iraqui makes, but I'm guessing the average Iraqui woman doesn't make shit because I don't think they work much outside the home now. They seem to be to afraid to leave their homes. I was just imagining all the US drug addicts hiking it over to Iraq for some cheap Valium all the while cursing about the high cost of American drugs. Iraq will become to senior citizens what Canada used to be. "Gas up the car, honey! It's time to go to Iraq to pick up our prescriptions for the month..."

Zal writes: "Ya should know better than to watch Oprah by now...*
*(QVC as well)
In my defense, I was at work!! Hmmm, not such a good defense, huh?
Actually I like watching those sorts of show to see how women around the world DO live, because as it was brought up on the show, I think we're rather ignorant about foreign people and their life situations. But it pisses me off when they have a negative attitude of us. But that's ok, cuz I'm thinking rather negatively of the Kuwaiti chicks right about now. I just wish they would have said how much gas was in Kuwait.

I forgot to mention about the Mexican actress they had on the show. She was built PERFECTLY, tall, thin and long legged. Anywho she says that women in Mexico don't exercise because their men "like curves." Then she said, "So if I want to eat that extra Taco, I can because I don't have to worry." Ok, FOR ONCE, I commend Oprah for calling this chick on her "no exercise" statement.
Oprah said, "Now I'm looking at you and I'm finding it hard to believe you don't do some kind of exercise. " The woman said, "Well, to be honest, I live in Mexico, Spain and America and I've picked up the American habit of exercising because you do care about taking care of your bodies here."
Yeah, don't be waltzing onto the show with a perfect
body and acting like it all happened by eating extra tacos!!! That won't fly here. We know better.

Crickett writes: "Paris Hilton should get a goddamn finger brace and shut the fuck up.
Perhaps if she had EVER lifted a finger doing something useful, the
strain of a big ol' ring wouldn't be so bad.
TWENTY CENTS A BOTTLE FOR VALIUM???? And it's OTC??? Perhaps it's
time I bought myself a bulletproof burkha and moved my ass to Iraq. Either
that or get myself a pen pal who likes to send packages...
A question: You said I should try cousins to the Pie family when
visiting House of Pies. I want to know, does cheesecake count? You
mentioned cake and cobbler, and I haven't a clue if they even serve
such things, but I know there's cheesecake. Which is kind of cake and pie
mixed, yes? Kinda?"
Whaaaa?? You don't know if they serve cake? Damn. Ok bidness people,
And yes, Crickett, feel free to indulge in das cheesecake. As a matter of fact,
eating anything with the word pie or cake is not
only acceptable, it's pretty much mandatory!!

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