Saturday, July 09, 2005

seven days and seven nights of thunder

More Fun with TWOG Search Strings:
"proper way to eat out of a vagina" mmmm mmmm, what's cookin'?
"side effects of using anti prespirant while pregnant" you AND the baby WON'T STINK
"donna summer mcarthur park meaning" let me save you the trouble. that whole "someone left the cake out in the rain" song HAS no meaning!
"are roma downey and eric mccormack in love" lord I hope not.
he's married to someone else
"I need to get laid" all the googlin' in the world ain't gonna help ya there.
"how to grow penis at home if you don't have money" I had no idea you could grow a penis at home. Cool! I wonder if it's anything like growing a Chia Pet? I once saw a twilight zone ep where a hand come up out of a lady's garden, but I've never seen a penis pop up out of the ground. I'm going right up to Home Depot to get me some penis seeds….
"what do porn stars use to make their pussys taste good" Actually I have it from a very reliable source within the porn industry that they rub money all over their cooch and that draws the men like flies. The women, too....
"who has won a kia sephia lemon law case" NOBODY in their right mind sues over a Kia. You just crumble them up, toss 'em in the trash and buy a new one. It's much cheaper that way. Besides we Kia owners know they're all lemons.

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