Thursday, July 21, 2005

schools out completely

Well, well, well, kids. Guess what's making a comeback?
Those chrome dome Airstream trailers. Knowing that history repeats itself, I'm sure it's just a matter of time before MY hunk of junk aka Home Sweet Home becomes trendy once again. I suggest you condo folks reign in your jealousy. Ya know, maybe I'll buy myself one of those little trailers, hook it up to my Kia and drive the offspring and myself around the country. On second thought, suicide would be quicker. And less painful.

Ya know, I had the whole "looks like Scotty himself has been beamed up" thang written, but then I checked Zal's site and saw that he has the same thing. So ya know what?! I'm not doing that "beam me up" bit.
James Dooham, who was 85 years old, passed away and YES, I did have a bit of a crush on him when he was on the show. [Not last year as Female Offspring #1 suggested.] the accent made me swoon.

They have an African American chick playing a crackhead on The Young and The Restless. They have her face made up fairly well and her mannerisms are great. There's just one problem: that crack 'ho has the whitest, straightest teeth I've ever seen.

The chick who was recently hired to work in my place when
I'm off is totally driving me nuts. She calls every fucking Thursday that I'm there and asks me if I took care of this and if I took care of that. I've been there for three years and she's been there for three months. Maybe I'm being overly sensitive about this, but I don't need somebody micromanaging me. I KNOW what my job is and I do it. And I sure as HELL don't need somebody who just started there telling me what needs to be done.
It's gotten so annoying that when she bothers me at home when I'm off,
I won't even return her calls. It's always stupid bullshit that can wait till I get back. I don't bother her with crap when she's off and I resent her not showing me the same respect.

Andy Capp had a great strip yesterday. [Yes, I'm one of the three remaining people who read that comic.] It showed Andy lying on the couch, all curled up. He thought, "This is really uncomfortable. I'm lying on the remote. Tch! There's only one thing for it. Grit your teeth and get used to it." Now that's my kind of guy.

Ok I love this joke. A ship's crew and captain spot a lone man on a deserted island. When they come ashore they see the man and three huts side by side.
Shipwreckee: "Thank God you found me! I've been all alone here for five years!"
Captain: "If you've been alone for five years, why do you need three huts?"
Shipwreckee: "One is my home and the other is where I go to church."
Captain: "And the other hut?"
Shipwreckee: "Oh, that's where I used to go to church."

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