Thursday, July 07, 2005

oh no no no don't phunk with my heart

I think it's time Holly started dating.
I have my eye on two male callers. I'm thinking Duke from
the Bush's Baked Beans commercials OR Speedy (whose pic I can't find but who looks amazingly like Duke) from the now defunct Drew Carey Show. I'm fairly certain they are both Retrievers. I want Holly to keep her bloodline pure, damn it! Although I'm hoping neither of them are prejudiced. After all, Holly is BLACK.
I sent both dogs a brief email from Holly telling her likes (I think it's best to focus on the positive): "I like taking long walks in other people's yards, chewing on Hummel figurines--but only those that are valuable antiques--and eating poop that isn't mine."
What do you think? Who would be the better beau for my sweetie pie? Duke or Speedy?

I was watching an ep of COPS (what were you expecting? CSPAN?) and the cop was gnoshing on a toothpick. Damned if he didn't conduct a foot chase and climb over fences until he tackled the suspect, all the while still chewing on his toothpick. Now THAT'S skill, people.

Now see ya really do learn something new every day. Concerning Vidalia OnionGate 2005, South wanted to know why I didn't google for the correct spelling. I said the only thing that came up when I went to was the town/city/whatevah of Vidalia. I had no idea the onions were FROM Vidalia, Georgia. I thought it was merely a cute coinkydink. Like Intercourse, PA.
He said, "and to get that little sticker that says Vidalia on it it has to be grown and harvested in the area around Vidalia GA." It's really weird, but I always make sure mine has a sticker on it cuz they tend to toss a whole bunch of onions in one basket and label them all Vidalia. But I'm never really sure I'm getting a Vidalia unless it has a sticker. So I'm a stickler for the sticker. Now let us never speak of this again.

Carol Brady aka Florence Henderson has a new line of jewelry for the home shopping channel. A celeb hawking cheap junk at high prices. Wow. Don't see that very often.

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