Tuesday, July 26, 2005

maybe millions of people go by but they all disappear from view cause i only have eyes for you


To quote that cheesy Orleans' song:
I want you to know, after all these years
You're still the one I want whisperin' in my ear

You're still the one -- I want to talk to in bed
Still the one -- that turns my head
We're still having fun, and you're still the one

You're still the one -- that makes me laugh
Still the one -- that's my better half
We're still having fun, and you're still the one
You're still the one -- that makes me strong
Still the one -- I want to take along
We're still having fun, and you're still the one

Changing, our love is going gold
Even though we grow old, it grows new
You're still the one -- that I love to touch
Still the one -- and I can't get enough
We're still having fun, and you're still the one!!!

Hmmm, I'm very concerned. First, Tim Case posts that he and the Fifster are in need of a vacation, then Tim posts about what to do if you spot a mountain lion, then NOTHING, NADA, ZIP, ZILCH!! Put this information together and one can only surmise that Tim's is:
a. still in a vacation stupor and too lazy to update
b. worn out from having sex with a well rested Felicia Fox OR
c. now residing with his new Mountain Lion family

They showed one of my favorite 'tute stings on COPS last night. They arrested a grandfatherly type dude who wanted to know how long it would take for the citation process because he had to pick up his wife who was waiting for him at Wal Mart. The thing that REALLY gets me? He signed the damn waiver to be on tv. Unbelieveable.

Oh, those self righteous tabloid rags make me laugh. The headlines on the cover of one reads, "Jennifer (Aniston) Deserves to Know the Truth," a dig at Brad Pitts' rumored affair with Angelina Jolie. Like they give a flying fart about anything but selling papers.

Because my Wahl vibrator is in the final stages of death--right now it would be faster for me to use my fingers to get off than to use the vibrator--I went online to order another. I found them for a mere $10 at Amazon. Another site had them for $14 but I also noticed this other site was selling the Eroscillator, so I checked out their review. I have no respect for people that sell shitty sex toys at high prices and then lie about the reliablity and performance of the product just to make a buck. People work hard for their money and they should get the truth. I tried the Eroscillator and for $127 I damn well expected a screaming O. The only thing the Eroscillator had me screaming about was the fact that the flimsy little hard plastic heads kept coming off during use. And btw, who wants to pay that much money for hard, scratchy plastic parts?? The worse part about this vibrator was that for an electric vibrator, it had no power to it. Hell for that much money, I expect to peel myself off the ceiling after I use it. You can't go wrong with a Wahl. Ten bucks and you get nice soft latex parts. And a REAL screaming O.

Hot damn. Carly Simon has a new CD of oldies that sounds interesting. Does anybody own Moonlight Serenade? Let me know what you think. She's got two of my all time favorite songs, "In The Still of the Night" and "I Only Have Eyes For You" on this new cd. I have her "Torch" CD and that's another fabulous group of old oldies that Carly does so well. My fav on that one is "I Get Along Without You Very Well."

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