Wednesday, July 13, 2005

living on borrowed time

Well, Mr. G is upset cuz he caught me making plans to rejoin the book club I just quit a few months back. I'm like, "Honey. How can I NOT rejoin? Look at the letter they sent me. 'Dear Fellow Book Lover, please come back, we've been lost without you!" They even went on to talk about all the "happy memories we've shared".
[I think their "happy memories" largely consisted of them overcharging
me for shipping and handling, and them cashing my checks, but hey, to each his own.]
BUT--and this was what really sucked me in--the letter included several pictures of a sad little cartoon puppy holding a leash in it's mouth, just like Holly does when she wants to go for a walk. That in conjunction with their sappy, almost believable spiel, "we had a good thing going there for a while. But relationships can't stand frozen in time.
You changed. We didn't change with you. So you split."
Hell, I've gotten less insight & understanding when ending REAL relationships.
So I presented all of this to Mr. G and said, 'Honey, how can I not rejoin?" He said, "Look, if it's a sad little puppy you want, go out in the hall and take a look at the one that's chewing up your book club application as we speak! You'll find her conveniently located next to the pile of splitered wood that used to be part of OUR LIVING ROOM WALL!!

The weatherman was calling for rain all day today, remnants of Hurricane Whatever that hit Florida the other day. So naturally it's hot, sunny and humid as all get out. BTW, who's responsible for thinking up these storm names? Tropical Storm CINDY?! Tropical Storm EMILY?! Puhleeze. Sounds more like Barbie and Ken's playmates. Give me a good ole Tropical Storm Juan Carlos any day!

Sad, sad news. South informed me that his mom was getting dsl today, making me the only remaining person on the planet who has dial up. Well, me and Zal.
(Sorry, Zal, but misery loves company.)

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