Sunday, July 10, 2005

kick 'em when they're up kick 'em when they're down

I'm changing my Cute Cop O'The Week Award to Goddess' Hott Cop O'The Week Award in honor of those many, many airheaded chicks on the COPS forum who start the "cops are HOTT" strings. Not that they're not CHOCK FULL of lively conversations like,
"cops are hott!"
"yeah they are!"
"I think cops are hott, 2!!"
"so do I."
Oh the excitement.
Goddess' Hott Cop O' The Week Award goes to
Officer Brian Craft from the Fresno, California Police Department.
He's cuuuute. And hott.
I think so, too.
So do I.
Cake anyone?

Tim Case writes: "I've never seen Drew Carey's show in my life, but I am from Ohio, and will answer any relevant questions.
Dirty Bob is also from Ohio, and once was photographed dancing with a porn chick behind Drew Carey, who was in attendance at some industry function. The photo later ran in the Enquirer, who pointed out that Drew Carey was a pervert with a porn star obsession, but ignored Dirty Bob and his lap dance obsession.
I'm in Los Angeles now, and hope you're well."
What? No mention of Richard Freeman being from Ohio?? Or his porn star obsession?
Hmm, taking all your comments into consideration, I'd say you're more than WELL QUALIFIED to answer my question about the Drew Carey show.
Fortunately, somebody else already beat ya to it,
for which I'm eternally grateful.
Say hello to Miss Thang for us.

I'm very concerned about Mike South. Last night he APOLOGIZED
for a word he used on his site that he knows I HATE. I didn't even
have a chance to jump down his throat.
The reason I'm worried is because he showed such sensitivity towards my feelings.
Mike South? Sensitive???
NOW do you see why I'm worried?! For some reason I keep thinking about that invasion of the body snatchers movie...and cake. Lots of cake.
Everybody sing, "it's the end of the world as we know it..."

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