Thursday, July 14, 2005

in an mmmbop you're gone

Ok Beater insists that I'm still stalking Southsince I'm "talking about him daily" on my site. "Daily??" Dude, you're living in the past.
I went back to the end of last month, from the 29th of June through today, I have mentioned South all of about four times and his mother once. Twice was concerning the correct spelling of Vidalia onions,(granted that was exciting AND wild!!) once cuz he apologized and once stating that I liked his Wankus Faith comment. Oh yeah and once more to point out that I'M SO OVER HIM. You'll notice his penis didn't get mentioned at all. A sure sign the crush has indeed passed. FiNaLlY.
BTW, is he paying you to keep his name alive on my page?

I think I may have accidentally ingested something with caffeine (or LSD) in it today. I actually found myself dancing to "MMMBop" by the Hansons and thinking, "this is pretty catchy." As you get older, you appreciate songs with "lyrics" that mostly consist of "mmmbop dap ba duwop." My favorite part of the song is where he says, "In an mmmbop you're gone, in an mmmbop you're not there"
like mmmbop is an actual word that has an actual meaning.

Speaking of not talking about South, according to Tim Case, SOUTH SINGS. OMG.
**where's a smiley bleeding from the ears when ya need one??!!**

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