Friday, July 01, 2005

i love you is that ok

Thinking back on it, I should have given all my cats the same name and all my dogs the same name. That way when I get way old, I'll always be able to remember their name. The cats should all be named Fluffy and the dogs something generic like Rover. You'll be in the old folks home going, 'Remember Fluffy? Now HE was a smart cat!' and "Oh! And let's not forget Fluffy. The tricks that cat could pull!"

Definition of irony: The celebs doing the Live 8 concert to help end starvation in African countries will each be given $4000 goodie bags and treated to a lavish banquet. Lord knows I'm no mathematician (earth and space science is my forte), but 100 artists at $4000 sounds like about $400,000 MORE dollars that could help with the problem.

Ahh, the fickleness (aka rudeness) of some people. A month or so back, I emailed a woman in porn and asked her if she'd be willing to do an interview. Her situation put a unique spin on things, and I wanted to address some issues related to that situation. She responded immediately that she was definitely interested. I sent off some questions a few days later and have never heard back from her. I emailed her stating that if she wasn't interested I'd appreciate her letting me know that. Still no response. The last time I checked, "No thanks" didn't cost a fricking penny.

The new FOX show Stella ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY sucks.

I love the Nationwide commercial featuring M.C. Hammer. I mentioned this way back when, but I didn't know what the ad was for. It shows Hammer dancing in his insane Hammer pants to the tune of "You Can't Touch This." He's standing in front of his lavish estate. Then it flashes to "15 minutes later" and you see the repo people removing all his stuff from the house while he's penniless on da corner. Very well done.

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