Wednesday, July 27, 2005

i just cant get you out of my head boy your lovin is all i think about

27.5 JULY 2005

Ok, let's just pretend the 27th is over and start anew.

(noonish) Crickett informs me that the House of Pies has valet parking. Yeah, I'm sure.
They probably realized early on no one would be able to walk the distance to their car after eating pies.
I'd be wobbling out to my car like a weeble. I'd probably have the belly of a weeble, too.
I just hope they don't have anything else on the menu because a House of Pies should be just that.
ALL PIES. Crickett, lemme know, will ya?

Mr. G and I had a really nice anniversary dinner yesterday. It's funny we were going to go out to eat for my birthday in May but it got really hot and humid, so we kept putting it off, thinking we'd go when it got cooler. We ended up going yesterday, the hottest day of the summer so far. Oy. Thank God for air conditioned restaurants.

I received my Miracle Ball Method in the mail yesterday.
Now the miracle will be keeping the balls away from Holly.
They're soft latex like the bigger exercise balls, but grapefruit size that
so they'll conveniently fit in Holly's mouth.
I've been experiencing a lot of hip pain at the joint in my back so
I'm hoping this will help alleviate that.
I did get a gas and a giggle out of one of the comments made about this system--keeping in mind you roll on the small balls to get the kinks out of your back and neck.
"You sit up feeling wonderfully relaxed. Then comes the unexpected: You glance at
your face in the mirror and notice that you look younger, prettier, happier."
If rolling on balls made women look younger, prettier and happier,
we'd be rubbing scrotum on our faces 24/7.

Ooo! Came up with another fabu idea for a greeting card.
This one is directed at mothers and daughters.
"Sometimes when daughters grow up, they have a hard time sharing their feelings
with their mothers. That won't ever happen to us, because you're adopted."
Damn. I get better and better at this every day.

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