Wednesday, July 06, 2005

i am extraordinary i am just your ordinary average every day sane psycho supergoddess

I had THEE BEST supper last night. If you love spaghetti, as I do, but HATE the sick, stuffed, tired feeling from eating all those carbs, try spaghetti squash. I promise you you'll never know the difference. It's simple to cook and oh so delicious and good for you. I made some spag squash last night, then I browned ground beef, some fresh garlic and vadalia onions. I added that to my secret homemade spaghetti sauce that has been in the family for years. (Well the Ragu family) It was fantastic. And the best part is that my stomach wasn't bloated for hours like it is when I eat pasta.

I received this email via the cops forum:
"i c u like cops, i like cops 2, i want to be a cop when i get older, i like to help ppl, my dad is a cop, uncle 2, what do u like about cops, we have a cop at scholl, he is nice"
Ok, first off, let me say that periods aren't just for girls any more.
Secondly, "scholl"?! Oh gawd. The nuns would have heart attacks reading what passes for English these days. (Well worth the price of admission to see that.) Last but certainly not least, when the writer says my dad is a cop, uncle 2 I certainly hope he means that his uncle is also a cop and not that his dad IS his uncle.

I liked this email, too. "Hate being impotent for nothing?"
As opposed to being impotent for a reason, I guess.

Happy Birthday to Kat!! YAY!!
Have a good one, gurl. You deserve it.
I had it written down in TWO PLACES and I STILL forgot until just now!

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