Saturday, July 02, 2005

hold me tighter lift me higher

Poor puppy. She hates those fireworks that whistle before they
explode, and the 4th isn't even here yet..

I was watching boxing with Mr. G last night. One boxer featured on the show,
George Jones, has four brothers and TWENTY ONE sisters. Ok, that's just overkill.
Once you reach 16, enough already.

I was watching E!'s 101 Even Bigger Celebrity Oops, and the number one oops was Brit's "reality" show. I don't think so. It Brit is going to figure in the number one spot, how 'bout the oops where she ripped the media a collective new asshole for spreading rumors that she was pregnant, then turned right around and
revealed that she was--big surprise here--pregnant. Or how 'bout Federline's big oops in leaving his pregnant wife so he could shack up with Brit? Actually, I guess that would fit in better on the 101 Disgusting Celebrity Moves show.

As if Rachel Griffiths naming her kid Banjo wasn't bad enough, Jason Lee named his baby "Pilot Inspektor" (note the way he funkied it up by using a "k" in inspector, instead of a "c". isn't Jason kool?) and actress Shannon Sossamon named her child "Audio Science." You have to wonder if this isn't a joke--on someone other than the poor child, I mean. If it isn't a joke on the media and the public, these parents should just save everybody the time and trouble and sew "kick me" on the backs of these kids rompers. Bob Geldof's kids are: Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom, and Pixie. Food Network chef Jamie Oliver's kids are Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo. Rob Morrow named his daughter Tu.
(Tu Morrow?? Tomorrow? Get it?)
Good grief. How do these kids show their faces in public?

Oh, damn, this has to hurt. Author Terry McMillian, who wrote the book How Stella Got Her Groove Back, based on a romance with her much younger husband is now divorcing him because apparently he'd rather be sticking his 'groove' in other men.

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