Friday, July 29, 2005

drowning in the sea of love where everyone would love to drown

Mr. G was in mighty good form last night.
I knew the minute he clapped off the lights that a good time would be had by all...

Sigh. Family. Sigh. I hate the way my family never cuts me a break. They REFUSE to see the goodness in me and they're always casting up my past. Like the time I was 14 and got a job. I thought earning my own money was a GOOD thing. I called it "being hard working and industrious," they called it "selling crack."
Ya know, there's just no pleasing some people.

The trailer for the movie Four Brothers looks really interesting. I'm anxious to see it come out on I can procrastinate and rent it three years after the release date.

Oprah had an interesting show about women around the world. In several countries, she'd have a 30 year old woman talk about what life was like for women in her country. The royalty chick from Kuwait pissed me off. She comes on and talks about how everyone is wealthy in her country because the government takes care of them. All of their schooling--including college-- is free, as is their medical care. She talks about how they like to go shopping (ooooo big women like to shop! film at 11!!) and how, "like most women in Kuwait" she owns her own fleet of cars--sure, gas is probably a nickel a gallon over there--and how she is having a huge new mansion built. THEN she goes on to say that she thinks American women are basically uptight and don't enjoy their life or live in the moment. She also said American women "don't apologize for working long hours." Well, gee, since most of us aren't born with a silver spoon wedged up our ass crack, we don't have much of a choice but to spend long hours WORKING TO SUPPORT OUR FAMILIES, PAY FOR OUR KID'S EDUCATION AND PAY OUR MEDICAL BILLS!!
Trust me, if someone handed me a million bucks and an endless credit card, I'd relax myself into a coma.

Speaking of spoiled rich bitches, Paris Hilton is allegedly complaining to friends that her 24 karat engagement ring is making her hand hurt because it's sooooo heavy. Well boo hoo. Cry me a river of as if we give a shit!!

On the same Oprah show today they discussed how many thousands of Iraqi women are now addicted to valium. It costs a mere TWENTY CENTS A BOTTLE and is available O.T.C. !!!
Lordy, the American women who are hooked on Valium are gonna be PISSED when they hear that. [It's like I've always said, it's a damn shame Americans don't even earn enough
money to support a good drug habit.]
Apparently the women are downing the Valium because things are worse than ever for them now in Iraq. They are afraid to leave their homes and are stressed because of all the bombing. A'fore ya know it, some idiot Kuwaity chick will be telling them they're all "stressed out" and "can't relax enough to enjoy life."

I don't like to think the home shopping channel hosts exaggerate, but today I was watching QVC and the chick was hawking a fake pearl ring. She said, and I quote, "This ring has been on every runway, every magazine, and on every celebrity." Yeah, uh huh. I'll bet.

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