Wednesday, July 13, 2005

the boys are back in town

I bought a new VCR last night. Yep, they still make those things. I was looking at the DVD/VCR combo, but I didn't want to pay that much money, even though I know it's eventually going to be ALL dvd. $39 for the VCR was about all I was willing to shell out. Did you know they don't come with an external clock anymore? Freaky not to have that flashing 12:00 every time the electricity goes out.

The Burlington Bad boy has returned. Beater's back
AND he bought a new Honda. Damn!
That's the kinda car I want to get. Never heard a bad thing about a Honda.
In a totally non-related story, Beater writes about me, "I see she is still stalking South and still obsessed with the TV show COPS, I am always curious why she doesn't find the fat, out of shape cops attractive? She will deny they show any but everyone has seen them, they some how run down a 18 or 19 year old man, just goes to show not all reality TV is real."
Ok for the 90th time, I AM NOT STALKING SOUTH!! I am sooooo O-VER him.
Um, far from denying they show the cops Beater described, I would say the majority of the cops they show are "burly." [Actually I prefer the terms "big and broad" or "big and burly" to the words "fat" and "out of shape." It's a mind game thang] And if you could see pics of MANY of the ones I've chosen for my Hot(t) Cop O'The Week Award, you'd see most of them are, in fact "big and burly." I've NEVER really liked skinny guys. I want muscle, as Diana Ross would say. But I'll settle for 'burly.'
That would be muscle buried beneath the 'burl,' I guess.

Zal has also returned after almost TWO WHOLE DAYS of not updating. I thought he was doing a Tim Case on us! I had Zal's picture ready to slap on the side of a milk carton and everything. Then I realized they'd probably need a pic of his (bigGER) head for that so I put that project "on hold". Pun intended.

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