Saturday, July 23, 2005

the boss said phyllis have you gone mad

OMG! OMG! I preordered my Jersey cops calendar
this afternoon. I'm so damn HAPPY!! (And horny, for some reason....) I can't believe no other PD's have done this as a way to raise money! DUH. Talk about sitting on a gold mine.

(noonish) Ya know, I just don't get it. When I look in the mirror, I see a normal, down to earth, level headed gal. Course I'm usually looking at the person standing next to me. But anywho, I'm starting to get a complex and all because I dance to the beat of a different sousaphone! South's galpal referred to me as "that CRAZY LADY." WTF?! If they're not calling me "odd," or "PECULIAR" or "weird" or "eccentric," they're calling me "crazy"! And one day I'm talking to Zal and I said, "quite frankly i just think i'm damn normal" and he said, "ummmm...not so much..." WHAAAA??!!

(12 a.m.)I can't believe the Los Angeles Police Department has released the names of the 11 officers who were involved in the shoot out with the JACKASS who used his own infant daughter as a human shield. I think those guys have suffered enough knowing that one of them took the life of an innocent child, releasing their names to the public makes it look like the PD is selling them out, if you ask me. With tensions running high over the incident, it serves no good purpose IMHO to do so.

HEE HAW : "Kenny's familys so poor, they had to put their cardboard
box up for a second mortgage." Cartman (South Park)

Lordy, I heart my husband.
For our 25th wedding anniversary next week, he bought
me 25 red roses and a new vibrator.
Phew! I'm just glad he still wants to do it with me after all this time.
I think I'm going to make him a very special dinner.
I'm thinking roast duck and chocolate mousse.
Although instead of duck, I'll use beef. And instead of mousse,
I'll use sugar free pudding. Mmmm mmm, high brow...can't wait.

Last night we took Holly for a walk on the trail. It's been incredibly humid here lately, so we wait till about 9 p.m. and it's usually around 10:30 when we get home. We're usually the only ones on the trail that late at night, and it's really peaceful. I always enjoy our walks. Besides the much needed exercise (and our never ending quest to tucker Holly out), it gives Mr. G and I a chance to connect and relax at the end of the day. Last night the moon was absolutely gorgeous. It was full and bright orange. Looked like the perfect Halloween moon. The woods are spooky, though, and I'm always glad Mr. G's with me.
(An overprotective Lab at your side doesn't hurt either.)
There's one section where the trees hang over the trail and I always expect the headless horsemen to come zipping past at any moment.....brrrrrrrrr.Ya know there's a DOWNside to having an overactive imagination.

Does South know me and Beater well or what?! He told me there were going to be some changes with our sites. And he said, "beater will be
you on the other hand will find it stressfull" He's so right. It's not even happening till next month, and I'm stressing already.

Holly was begging for treats for the 900th time again last night. She'll come over and put her paw on my knee because I always ask her for her paw, then give her a treat. I leaned over and said, "I can't be giving you treats all night. You go eat your food." And right in the middle of the word "food" she leaned up and gave me a big ole lick right on the open mouth. GUH. I prefer my French kisses from a man, thank you very much.

Lest you think I'm joking about how BAD (and not "bad" in a good way either) Being Bobby Brown is, click on this link and hit the videostream entitled "Mr. Lama." Now I ask you, does the Dali Lama look excited to meet Bobby Brown? I'm sorry, does the Dali Lama look excited to meet "Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston's husband"? Bobby doesn't exactly look like Bobby at the height of his bad boy days either, does he?

Here's an interesting tidbit for dog owners. If your dog is afraid of thunderstorms, buy a thunderstorm CD and play it often to desensitize them. What a good idea, although the first few times would be rough. I gotta say though, as many times as Holly and I have watched COPS, the instant she hears a dog on tv, she starts panting heavily.
Then frantic barking ensues.

21 JULY 2005
december clouds are not covering me

(6 a.m.) Last day of work!!

Beater informs me that James Dooham fathered a baby just five short years ago, at the age of EIGHTY. Ok, that is just WRONG. It was WRONG when Tony Randall did it and its WRONG now. Ewwwwwwww! Gawd, are chicks that desperate to get money that they have sex with 80 year old celebs?! And all these years, I thought Tony Randall was gay. (Ok I still do. I don't care how many times he's married or how many kids he's fathered.) The only time I'll consider sleeping with an 80 year old dude is when I turn 70.

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