Sunday, July 10, 2005

Ben Dover!!

I've decided that when I start my World of Goddess cult, I'm going to make it mandatory that ALL MEN inducted into the cult must drink the "nectar" of Goddess to cleanse him of his sins. I'm thinking they must drink it AT LEAST once a month to STAY pure. AND I'm thinking I don't want women in the cult.

Richard Freeman writes: "That's ok, I'm not from Ohio, I'm from Philly - though I've lived here since 1962."
Which makes you an honorary Ohioan! Ohioite? Non-Pennsylvanian?
Or whatevah you guys are called.

(noonish) Why oh why do I keep dreaming about getting butt fucked? And it's never just one guy, it's a bunch of guys, one right after the other. Guys treat me well, so I know it's not a negative "I'm getting screwed over by guys" thing being played out by my subconscious. And if the screaming O's I have are anything to go by....YOWZA!! Hell I don't mind taking it up the butt if I orgasm like that! Personally I think it's a sign that I need MORE SEX!! Something I had already figured out muhself.

We have a new neighbor who moved into a house that was formerly owned by an elderly woman. She was the second home owner in this neighborhood, right after my grandma. Her garden was her pride and joy. She had beautiful azalea bushes and all sorts of bushes I can't even identify. She arranged it so that there was something blooming all the time from early spring to late fall. So yesterday I was out walking the dog and nuowner was outside. Holly got away from me--mutter mutter whatafuckingsurprise mutter mutter--and ran towards his place because she could hear his dogs. He was nice enough to come over and help me corral her. We talked for a few minutes and I said, "I see you're getting a lot of yard work done since you moved in," and he said, "Yeah we're gonna clear all this crap out of here." I just couldn't help but think of all the hours and hours and years and years that woman spent making the yard a showplace, and now someone new is cutting out all the bushes to essentially make it look like they have more of a lawn. And to them, that will be every bit as wonderful as her garden was to her. Go figger.

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