Tuesday, July 19, 2005

and in the end on dreams we will depend

I was watching the Worlds Most Amazing Videos on Saturday. They're the only show I know that takes a five second piece of video and replays it 95 times.
(Well, them and Biography on A&E)
You never have to worry that you're going to miss the video because they show it so many times during the commentary. One thing they had on that was magnificent was footage of one of those military air shows. The precision that is necessary to pull that off is mindboggling. And the jets look amazing. It always chokes me up when I see those sorts of air shows. You feel so much pride in the military, and in the men and women who are serving.
Van Halen's Dreams video featuring the U.S. Navy
Blue Angels is one of my all time favorite vids.
"we'll get higher and higher straight up we'll climb
we'll higher and higher leave 'em all behind"
I could watch that a dozen times in one sitting and still be fascinated. Heck I had to watch it five or six times while I was writing this. If you've never seen the video, you can go to this site
and dl the entire 5 minute version or a brief 30 second snippet. If you haven't seen it, watch it. Whoever edited that video did a fantastic job.
You'll be amazed. I just wonder how they train for something like that.
BTW, I'm on dial up and I was able to dl it, so yes, even us ghetto folk can watch it.

The Daily Show did a HILARIOUS bit mocking weather coverage of hurricanes. Who among us hasn't seen those stupid weather guys strapping themselves in a wind chamber to show us how strong the winds are? Or the idiot reporter standing on the shore getting battered by waves as they tell us how dangerous the storm is and how we should stay out of it? Stephen Colbert did a bang up job making fun of all of them. Not sure of the date of the show, I think it was the 17th, but Bernard Goldberg was the guest.

The downside of watching a show like Third Watch?
You suddenly start calling everybody "jag off."

JK Rowling said she is saddened that the Harry Potter series is coming to an end after the seventh and final book is released. Hell, I'd be majorly depressed at the thought of losing all that money muhself.

Some doofus who doesn't even closely resemble Ben Rothlisberger (QB for the Pburgh Steelers) passed himself off as the quarterback to get dates, and it worked.
(Maybe it's the chicks who are the doofuses. Or would that be doofusi?)
One chick even went so far as to point out that he didn't look like Ben, but FakeBen shrugged it off by saying that people always look different in person than they do on tv. Well, hell, if that was true, we'd never recognize anyone on America's Most Wanted, now would we? (Not that I ever have, mind you.)
Anywho, he was arrested, and rightly so. My hats off to him
though for having the balls to attempt something like that on his looks.

Ok, the offspring just informed me that they're making S'mores in the living room using cigarette lighters. Of all the stupid, irresponsible things to---ok I gotta go get one now cuz they're running low on 'shmallows. Later kids.

And that's my two cents.

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